Welcome to your Other-Life

Other-Life Downloads

Windows (version 1.9.5p2 16)
Other-Life Windows Download (minimum download) (mirror1)

Linux (1.9.5p2 16)
Other-Life Linux Download (x86 & x64 included) (mirror1)
Other-Life Linux Ubuntu & Debian Package instructions & links

Mac (1.9.5 versions)
Other-Life Mac (mirror1)

Older Other-Life Downloads and instructions

Windows (version 1.9.1 11)
Other-Life Windows Download (minimum download) (mirror1)
Other-Life Windows Download (with sounds & music) (mirror1)
Other-Life Windows UPDATE Download (requires OL installed already) (mirror1)

Linux (1.9.3* versions)
Other-Life Linux Download (x86 & x64 included) (mirror1) newest verion Debian Jessie
Other-Life Linux Download (x86 & x64 included) (mirror1) stable version Fedora 20 compiled
Other-Life Linux Download (x86 & x64 included) (mirror1)

Installing and using the client under linux:

Download el_ol_linux_193.zip and extract it into a new folder.
Set the execute bit on the executable programs (*bin):
chmod +x *bin
Copy the ol.x86.linux.bin file to the ol_linux folder

To play Other-Life, double click on ol.x86.linux.bin to run on a 32 bit system, or ol.x86-64.linux.bin on a 64 bit system.

The client will create a new config directory in ~
For Other-Life the folder will be ~/.olc
Scores, chatlogs, screenshots etc will be saved in ~/.olc/ .

Other-Life uses ol.ini and ol.cfg for settings

Please do not use the Other-Life client to play on the Eternal Lands servers, as the client development progresses they will drift further out of sync and may cause unexpected problems.

Mac (version 1.9.3 11)
Other-Life Mac Download (includes sounds) (mirror1)

Sounds & Music
Eternal-Lands Sounds v191 Download (mirror1)
Eternal-Lands Music Download (mirror1)


Bluap - 1.9.5 builds
WaterBottle - Encylopedia updates
Mixi - Encylopedia updates
Zian - DL Maps
Blakkat - Tab Maps
Greg - Linux Client builds
Ash - newer Linux Client builds
Sir_Odie - Windows/Mac Client builds
sMooMs - Logo & Login
PandemiC - Encylopedia updates
Radu & Roja - Original Eternal-Lands development & artwork

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