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#1 Vinoveritas



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Posted 27 February 2017 - 12:06 PM

I know i am new and not experienced, and in general i like the invasion idea in OL. but last weekend it stopped the fun, grimch and the creature that got upped that much are a game killer in my opinion. Its fine to have bosses that are only killable in teamwork but Grimch and cecil are to high in combat level and the ways to be able to kill it to hard for it to be fun and people giving up on those monsters.  Without pking arrows or a way to lock targets on ranging like in el all those kills are just one thing. wasting gc and time, especially with the over 100 hp heals in a go.
today we shot with 6 players on grimch and not really getting any damage down on him, as he healed more then training arrows could do damage and yesterday fighting it was similar. Sorry but the max combatlevel needs to be not more then 1.5 times of what players can have max.
just my 2 cent

#2 Grimm


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Posted 27 February 2017 - 04:03 PM

a few notes, remember ranging needs revamp, it is also a difference in spending 60k or 5k on mother goose.

Grimch was actually requested by players and this is the first I heard such bad reviews,

Cecil is just like going to the dentist, was it's intent.

max CL of 1.5x is only 450.......  grimch CL I consider a world boss just like mother goose and enola gay.  If we go by this approx figure, there are at least 20 bosses which should not be used.  Plus Easter eggs for Easter event would nil, instances and events would be null and void, for a boss wouldn't have the non solo capacity for drop enhancements.

Please remember CL is a new system on main was changed,   IE Grimch CL before change averaged between 350-420
Cecil was also in the same range, all under the suggested 1.5x's max CL of players.

And I apologize for the portal invasion on peace day, I heard many disliked, a few mixed reviews, but no real difference between my normal invasions with a tough boss or tough mob hidden in the bunch.  Just a few more maps than normal.  I also had other mobs buffed either actual buff or health buff but they were all within the expected range of the maps the CL was intended for.  Yes some had the same meat, bones, fur drop from a 32k health rabbit but out of 21 32k heath mobs 16k gc minimum #worth dropped.

#3 ebattleon



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Posted 27 February 2017 - 05:18 PM

Grimch max heal today was 132 per turn...

You know Grimm you are right "we' took too long to tell you your bat @#$% crazy invasions are no fun.

So here's are some suggestions...
1) making 100 super buffed Feros in VOTD.
2) Invade the Underworld with Skunks or anything else.
3) placing rabid fluffies on IP.
4) Invading WS with mobs that hang around the port area.
5) Invading any boss (and rabid fluffies) on single combat maps that are intended for multi-combat.
6) Making 32k Mobs that drop some meat  and few bones.
7) Making invasion that only like five highest level players play in...like 10K Uber Mobs is WS :angry:
8) Portal invasions with Uber Mobs
9) 1k Hawks that drop a feather.

1) Consider all possible levels of players in the game and make invasions based on that.

I generally sit out most of your invasions, and was quite happy when DL opened up and you focused most of your invasions there. I could then do what i want to do which is harve and bag mix. Then you started dropping fluffies all the maps again and I was back to mostly sitting out your invasions out and twiddling my thumbs.

I was very saddened this week end to watch all the new players and some senior ones in my guild quit playing and leave OL to go elsewhere. I am hopeful that this end discussion will change that.

#4 Grimm


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Posted 27 February 2017 - 06:26 PM

yes that is max heals of most 32k hp mobs.

higher health == higher heals

thus an effective team needs to do well over that amount in dmg.

Look at irish before CL change, 32k hp mob soloable (melee one person), new CL was 1900, in that case player was too OP for drop possibilities.

#5 Mitch3



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Posted 28 February 2017 - 03:35 AM

I agree Grimm, sometimes these invasions can be fun and I appreciate the change up from time to time. However, no one is going to take the time and resources to try to take down a 6k health rapid with them only dropping 500gc and a 1/50k chance to drop a rare, if not higher.

All I ask and I believe I speak for everyone, is making invasions fun for everyone and not trying be an "evil" mod. This may be fun for you guys but all we really want is maps with mobs appropriate to our levels and to somewhat profit.


#6 Kurama



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Posted 28 February 2017 - 04:43 AM

To be honest, I really like Grimm's invasions to certain level... 'till I'm able to kill bosses/mobs solo(1-3 hours), duo || trio, but soon as it gets harder... its boring to that level, that I just press alt-x or switch to different account...
One of the reasons why I prefer Wolfy's and L's invasions over Grimm's (haven't seen or realized in a long time when/if L invaded, but it was really fun last year iirc :P)

Also keep your stupid rabid fulff's in your pockets.... boring .... would prefer different kinds of chimeras over that fucking boring rabbit.. -_-
I don't really care about it, but I'm just expressing my feelings :P

#7 Vinoveritas



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Posted 28 February 2017 - 04:47 AM

Nobody playing longer OL, or that comes from EL to OL is a push over in terms of working hard in the game.
And yes an Invasion does not need to be easy doable.
But on single combat maps, Creatures should be killable by people at the combat level those creatures should be killable in the normal game too,
They can be harder as normal but not so super uber that a noob will try to kill a beaver and get killed after the first hit. (happened to me last weekend on a mm beaver (OK was 3rd hit from him but i am with a/d 40 not that noobish anymore as others where that where on at that time). On Multi-combat map creatures should be doable by 5-6 man teams, that have a game average Combat level,
Maybe a allowed to attack cap based on combat level would be a nice addition to invasions. That way some higher level player do not pick out the low level bosses that where meant for the lower players and everyone will have more fun.

Invasions are fun and people are looking towards the weekends when they come. But if the fun stops as the killing gets to demanding in time and resources (and i speak from team killing) it is bad for the game. As for Profit :) before the weekends i have usually gathered some gc ready to fight, and after the weekend i am out of resources out of gc and going to build up again.

I like ol and i think you guys do a good job, but Grimm you have the tendency to do invasions that are on the upper limit of what is doable even in team. At least thats what i gather from a few of your invasions (you had made some that where really awesome for me and some other under a/d 70 ) a bit turned down as to what is doable would make more fun, and at least for me its not about the drops. but the good feel of success in fighting. Success means you can see you are doing something, and not you fight for hours in a team and the opposite creature has exactly the same hp as when it started.

As for max combat level when i logged out yesterday 1 creature was over combatlevel 1xxx average combat level was at 6xx and the lowest was at 3xx, Total creatures left 3, and nobody cared anymore in killing them. So i guess someone might have taken the 3xx combat level creature in time)

#8 BlakKat



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Posted 28 February 2017 - 10:11 AM

Since this topic morphed already, I add my views.

Grimm simply has more variety than others. Many of the epic ones were done by Grimm. Some crappy ones, too, yes, but that is a small price I am happy to pay for the epic battles such as the one in GP a year or so ago where mobs held the fort and then some zombies started sneaking up from behind the players. Next morning the horde left the fort and ran us over couple of times till we managed to thin it out sufficiently end then barricaded themselves into Marvin's cove.

If you think some boss or horde is ridiculous, just leave it alone and move on. If you happen to die out of surprise, well, finally the mob can pay you back for all the killing you have done to its friends.

#9 EatsAllLife



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Posted 28 February 2017 - 10:23 AM

You also are forgetting you don't exactly have the proper team for Grimch. Sorry, but a few 42'rs aren't going to do the trick. Especially if you can't hold up long enough against the boss. You need a proper healer, a good team of rangers, then mages and such for heals and damage over time. It's not impossible. But it isn't going to be easy. As you seem to want it to be. Of course I agree if you don't have the correct people online don't consider it in the reinvasion process. But if they are. It can be done with tons of time. Hell. You guys would have given up at giants when DueCE and I solod a few. Was it profitable? No, but it was fun...

#10 Grimm


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Posted 28 February 2017 - 07:19 PM

Not all monsters put out are intended to be killed.  even some invaded maps are put out not intended to ever be cleared.  It's the challange if one is up for it.

including the rabids which were spawned to protect the midgets.  actually LD was lucky random spawning put the midgets in the pit, I actually expected them to be wandering all over LD, after the Midgets were killed I removed them.

beaver in MM was part of CL maps of 180+ CL mobs, only 3 and had a choice of 5 maps to go to. what about the other 300+ mobs on that map?

my advice is look at the health and you would have seen not a normal beaver.  
It happens even to higher level players, ie MCW in TM.

1-5 mobs difficult mobs on an invaded map (depending on size of map) seems to be the issue here.
Even though yes I took license to play in IM portals due to peace day, that is my usual, It's all IM's Usual.

example is bosses, look at gabby, troll night, Mxyzptlk with noob mobs in DP, etc  they are 1 difficult mob outside the target range in an invasion to have it not be boring.  only complaints I hear about those are when there isn't someone available  to effectively take them out.  so they it leave it be.

If it is a creature such as 6k rabid, I expect the moaning.  even my 400CL rats.

there are pros and cons with each invasion.

remember at the time of spawning an invasion is a huge factor of what gets invaded.  People currently online at time the invasion is spawned and figuring the people whom log on or off during.

As people state they enjoy some of my invasions and totally hate others.  A major factor of that is knowing what is where.

#11 ebattleon



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Posted 01 March 2017 - 02:46 AM

Just keep to the facts then...I am not complaining to get at you as a person. We are trying to make OL the best game, we have players looking at OL as an alternative to EL and we don't want OL to be "a broken version of EL with no cool stuff and invasions that keep players sitting in storage mixing or doing nothing because a walk could end in death. UW invaded so can't get to bag, loose stuff, etc. Lets not make excuses or say "Well it is as it is" but try work towards a better solution for all…

Learner said in channel he that cannot give assurances that health buff mobs will always drop something then don't invade them...21 mobs that take 30 mins to kill = over 10 hours of killing time for one having 15K drops?
If you thought that it would be fun for lower level players to tackle a mob in Single combat with so much health...that guarantees a even longer kill(over 30 min) and they get no reward for it after all that work?

Players are unhappy and the changes take time. We understand that. Maybe if we had 20-50 pr0 players that can make teams and decimate anything you throw at them these invasions would not be an issue...but OL is sitting barely making enough to keep the lights on...we want to keep the lights on...

All we ask is a little consideration...if you are putting really high stuff in a newbie traffic area there needs to be a broadcast so they can deal. You cannot rely on players 'broadcasting stuff in channels' and newbies seeing that as it has become increasingly quiet in channels with players are not sharing info. You may see it as players being lazy but this is a game...we grind every day...aren't invasions supposed to be fun?

#12 Grimm


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Posted 01 March 2017 - 04:16 AM


And the drop from 32k mob isn't guarantee. Just like a mob dropping mirror cloak or 12gc.

I have been spawning random 32k health noob mobs even when all that you would ever get is meat, bones, fur.  Especially come Easter.   Also the 32k health mobs took some less than 10 minutes to kill.

If it's not worth time, risk, money, do not go after it.  its a risk of your choosing.  It's the same with difficult bosses.

do note no map is guarantee to be always noob invasion.   We like to mix things up and keep people on their toes.

This where in the past, players help each other out.

Also agree not much chatter on channel,  and people no longer share info.

So far I seen 32k health noob mob, a tough creature on a map, or a creature left behind on a map from others whom didn't fully clear the map but same CL range as rest of map was intended but enjoyed rest of invasion.  Or Bosses that are on in which a team was unable to kill, Keep in mind all bosses spawned that wave have been killed several times in the past, and same stats. Not necessarily same stats for some have a wide range of rolls.

What I am asking for is why, what made it not fun, and did this apply to everyone?
What about the other 6k of mobs spawned that wave?

Keep in mind this was spawned in US afternoon early eve.

how far into the wave did one log in and mob count?

also note more than 1 32k mob dropped a chance at extra loot which was reported in channel.   If that drop chance rolled for mirror cape, arti cape, or serpent stone, I bet when word of the find is out more will go after them for the chance at minimum risk.

but note: I did take privilege of the #day, wanted to see if high health rabbits which are now stated as higher CL instead of 5 CL, was reasonably chanced to drop something other than fur meat and bones.

2/21 reported on channel drop more than basic. that's 1 out of 10.  My question to you and in part of why I tried is to see if it is worth the time to include similar on Easter for egg hunting?

IM's are going to have good and bad waves invading.  sometime it may seem more like a month to certain players If they never locate the sweet spot intended for their level or other players kill them all for afk drops to get the easy pickings a boss.

We can't please everyone every invasion.   Your going to find different strategies by different IM's.  Not one complaint this time about IP getting invaded which is what I would expect, But no, the people that were on, knew and assisted.  Were you on when IP was invaded?  by time it was cleared, even after portal respawned 40 minutes after night fall and repacked ip, 2k out of 6k mobs were cleaned out....... were those the ones intended for your level?  All the ponders In which one should know when stating why invasion wave is not liked.

I stuck around to make sure new players weren't beat on.

As for telling you what maps are invaded, right after spawning.  I rarely do this.  My reason is because people see maps, experienced players know possibility what are on those maps, and this has always been a major cause of bosses being sniped.  which in turn has caused even less chatter in game of stating what is where.

Also I do take careful consideration while invading, Making sure at least one map of each level bracket is available.  Sometimes I do go overboard. Sometimes I make an invasion that all it does is reek havoc on the players.  Sometimes my game is off.

Bottom line when we ask for specifics and not emotions we need to look at invaded OL as a whole, actions of players, status of maps, when it was initially invaded, who was online at the time of invading the wave(that's a huge factor)  And remember not all maps have to be cleared to start a new wave, not all waves or monsters are intended to be killable.

#13 ohmygod



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Posted 02 March 2017 - 07:00 AM

Well done with your efforts Grimm.... the portal invasion was fun and the mobs were easy to find,

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