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Other-Life Online Shop

Selling the finest items & services for Other-Life as approved by the Community

P2P Race

Allows you character to select from the P2P races as well as the normal races for looks, and if ever added, any racial differences. Available as a 1 year subscription or for the lifetime of the character. This also includes allowing to give yourself a full make over on the character creation screen when you are setting up your new race & looks for the first time

P2P Length
OL Character Name

Premium Game Access

Premium access allows advanced game player features to be made available.

At this time, these include:
* 10 Chat Channels instead of 3
* 100 Buddies instead of 32
* 500 Storage Slots instead of 300
* Access to VIP areas of maps when they are created
* WebAccess to more Channels and opening Delayed Messages (more features to be added later)
* Enhanced Death Message so you what killed you, approximate location, and when you died. * additional options as they get added in the future

3 plats/month or 30 plats/year
from "Shop Services" NPC in Whitestone City

Looks/Color Change

Allows your character go through the char creation process again without losing any stats so you can select different race and looks form those available to you. If you have a P2P character, you can chose from all the races without losing your P2P.

OL Character Name to Change $5

Other-Life Platinum Shop Coins

Platinum Shop Coins can be used to buy approved Shop Items & Services in game. NPC's are being added in game to automate in game transactions.

How many coins?
Your OL player name

Soft Reset

A Soft Reset removes all Pick Points from attributes and nexus and put them back into usable pick points you can then move at the Wraith. You MUST make sure your items EMU you are carrying is 80 or less before attempting to reset!

Cost is 15 plats each time and you must wait at least 30 real days before doing it again.

Cost is 15 plats, see Learner in game, or use "Shop Services" NPC in Whitestone City to purchase a Soft Reset using Platinum Shop Coins.

Name Change

A Name Change lets you change the name of your character to another unused name. Guild information is also changed to match your new name, but Buddy lists currently get mangled. The name change is also automatically logged and recent history can be seen using the #names command on a character that's logged in.

Cost is 15 plats each time and you must wait at least 90 real days before doing it again.

Cost is 15 plats, use "Shop Services" NPC in Whitestone City to purchase a Name Change using Platinum Shop Coins.

Deleted Character Recovery

Recovers a character deleted using #killme from the most recent copy if done within a 'reasonable time'. The name & password stay the same and a character by the same name must not exists. You must still know the password to be able to use the recovered character.

Cost is $5, contact Learner

Cost is $5 USD, contact Learner with payment & the character name to be recovered.


Clothing of various types to spruce up your characters looks are available the from the Shop Items NPC found in WSC. The Shop Clothing is more durable then the normal clothing, and degrades into normal clothing when it is damaged.

Prices vary from 2 plats to 20 plats, depending on the item ($2 - $20)

See "Shop Items" NPC in Whitestone City to purchase clothing using Platinum Shop Coins.

Other-Life Discussion to Official Poll Promotion

Show your support for an active discussion that you think has a chance of getting a decision made by promoting it to an Official Poll to get it included into Other-Life. This is for current discussions on single specific items or changes, not large multiple item or complicated things. When in doubt if a discussion thread is promotable, contact O-L first. Please include the threads URL or the detailed title to prevent confusion.

The different $ amounts allow you to add an extra tip if desired. The Private Poll $5 allows you to not include your name as sponsoring the Official Poll

OL Player Name
Discussion URL

Other-Life Custom

Request that Custom Clothing/Looks be considered and added to a player. Texture and who it goes to need to be supplied and will be evaluated for approval. $10 USD per item/texture.

How much many Custom Cothing for OL?
Your OL player name

Other-Life Support

Show your support for the Other-Life project with a 1 time payment. Amounts from $5 to $50 can be easily done. No service or item is given other then adding your name to this month's Supporters list. Send us what you can when you can, support is not required to play but helps keep things going for game improvements!

How much support for OL?
Your OL player name
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