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#5348 Fighting (Attack & Defense)

Posted sMooMs on 16 January 2013 - 02:43 PM

I've made fighting required lvl indication list. it may not be 100% right for you but it gives you an idea. Feel free to use it!

Posted Image

#23201 New Alternative Game Server

Posted idefix on 20 September 2020 - 09:01 PM

Hi all

As some of you might've already heard, I've been working on a new alternative OL game server for the past 3 weeks.My intent is to implement a similar game to OL main, with some differences and with many new features.The new server is not based on EL code, so I believe I could potentially make it fully open source, if there are others who would wish to contribute.Why did I start this project? Here are 10 topics from this forum where there were great ideas suggested years and years ago, which essentially just died in the forums. (I bet there are 100 more topics like these ones, just linked these 10 as example). In the first 3 weeks of development, I've implemented half of those suggestions, and will continue working on the other ones.Here is a short video I created, demonstrating the new features I've added: https://www.youtube....?v=8iY8ij33RbM.

I would be very interested in hearing thoughts and suggestions from the community. If you could have anything implemented into the game, what would it be and why?


I will be keep updating this thread with the current status/progress of the project.

  • Party system: exp and drops are shared with the team.
  • Instances. Each party gets their own instance of a dungeon, and each guild gets their own instance of the guild map.
  • New monsters: archers, mages, priests and summoners.
  • Backstab mechanic: deal extra damage when hitting a mob in the back.
  • New death mechanics: instead of immediately teleporting to the Underworld on death, players stay dead where they died for 1 minute. The player can stay dead and wait for a party member to #revive the player when out of combat. Alternatively, after 1 minute, the player can respawn to the respawn point of that map.
  • Equipment upgrades. Crafted equipment starts at +1, and can be upgraded all the way to +10 for extra stats.
  • Guild map and guild levels. High level equipment can ONLY be manufactured and upgraded at the forge/anvil on the guild map. The guild needs to be upgraded to a higher level, to gain better tools, to create higher level items.
  • Guild map invasions. Weekly invasion that the guild must defend, in order to access the anvil. Invasions will be harder for higher level guilds.
  • Hireable and upgradeable mercenaries on the guild map to help defend the fort against the invasion.
  • Different weapons having different attack range and attack speed. Different weapons will be stronger in different situations and against different monsters.
  • [DONE] Implementing Harvesting skill in a completely different way, to make high level harvesting/mixing more team-based, instead of being solo/afk content. I am planning on making high level ores really heavy, so that you will need a mule/caravan to carry the ore from the mine to the storage. There will be high level mobs attacking the caravan, so you will need a few fighters to defend/escort the caravan to safety.
  • PK Tournaments and/or guild wars.
  • Allow players to create their own structures, e.g. harvest stone to be able to build a stonewall.

Connecting to the new server works basically exactly the same as connecting to the test server. However, the new server is not included in the servers.lst file, so we need to add it there first.
  • First, you need to locate the servers.lst file in your Other-Life installation. By default, the file is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Other-Life\servers.lst (on linux, this file should be found in ~/.olc).
  • Take a backup of the file, just in case something bad happens (copy&paste the file).
  • Edit the original servers.lst file in any text editor, e.g. Notepad. You most likely need to run the text editor in Administrator mode to be able to save it.
  • Replace the last line of the file to be the following content. Alternatively, comment out the last line of the file by adding a '#' character to the beginning of the last line, and then add the following as a new line to the file:
  • idefix-ol	 idefix-ol	 ec2-34-220-194-146.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com 8888	 Other-life (idefix)
  • Create a new shortcut for the game, just like you would for the test server.
  • Edit the shortcut properties, and set the Target to be e.g.
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Other-Life\ol.exe" idefix-ol

#5706 List of difference's between OL and EL

Posted CoduX on 30 January 2013 - 02:46 AM

I decided that a post between the main differences of Other-Life and Eternal Lands would better help new players in understanding what the differences are and how they work. Many new players are lost in the few minutes of their transition and can't understand what and why things are different.
Please post if I have missed anything. This will be regularly updated.

The Difference's Between The Two Servers

  • Other Life has no Continent 2 (C2).
  • Other Life has bonus experience at the end of a creature kill called a "Bonus Kill".
  • Other Life has very few quests (for the time being)
  • Other Life's skill system is being reworked. Major rework is being done to the skills of

Engineering, Magic, Ranging & Summoning (Level up at your own risk!!!)

  • Some of Other Life's items are been removed but may be available in the future.
  • No Rostogol Stones
  • Other Life may have items that are not currently available in Eternal Lands. What they are? That's for you to discover.
  • Other Life have "Boss Mobs" in invasions. They are slightly bigger than their counterpart with more health, damage, better stats & sometimes with a unique name.
  • The experience rate of mixing skills have been increased slightly for Potions & Manufacturing the higher the item make is.
  • A "soft reset" is available for purchase for 15 Platinum Coins. This lets you re-distribute ALL of your pickpoints straight away without having to do a #reset and level back up your Overall Level.
  • The attribute "Matter" is X6 instead of X5. This allows your health to be increased by 6HP instead of 5HP.
  • EMU is increased 2.5 for every overall level you have.
  • Mini harvesting events have been disable.
  • Only creatures of C1 residence are ingame (with the exception of some creatures that are spawned in an invasion by the Invasion Master and feros in the new Dwarven Lands)
  • All perks disable (new perks currently in test!)
  • Creatures regenerate 1HP/m except for some, which generate 3HP/m. That's for you to find out which ones.
  • Boss mobs in invasions regenerate their HP much more than 3HP per minute.
  • Astro removed.
  • Dailys, Invances & Instances removed (for now).
  • If you die in Kilaran Field (KF), 25% chance an item will drop.
  • Guild's are 240Kgc to create.
  • You gain 1.8 pickpoints for every overall level you have.
  • Brand new attribute-system thanks to Korrode. See here http://www.other-lif...d-el/#entry9808
  • Shop Services and Items are available in WSC.
  • Mercury bags spawn in Kilaran Field (KF)
  • Creature drops are different. Find out for yourself to discover these new drops!
  • Joker broadcasts hints to find him.
  • Joker can spawn anywhere
  • Joker gives out ANY item. Some that are the best in the game!
  • A mini-game called TAG. If your tagged (your name will be highlighted in purple) you find another player and use the finger/pointy icon on them to 'tag' them.
  • When mixing, you don't need to have EMU left over to mix an item, but can have a full EMU of ingredients, and the product will replace ingredients lost, rather than needing the space for the product.
  • After completing Wine/Leather Quests, you can buy bulk from any general storage instead of running to Morcraven Marsh (MM) each time.
  • #sto doesn't interrupt harvesting!
  • Most NPC will give you the option to buy as much as you can afford/carry in a single transaction.
  • Viewing Achievements doesn't effect harvesting now.
  • Unique mobs are found in invasions such as Giant Midget & Fluffy Gargoyle. Many more for you to discover!
  • Attribute Stones have been changed into the new attributes (Charm, Rationality Removal Stone instead of Coordination or Will Removal Stone).
  • Different "instance map" called Defend the Fort (DTF) & Monster Big Bash (MBB)
  • Custom clothing for cosmetic looks have been added ingame (not really a difference but thought I'd put it in here)
  • Several mobs have a different ignore level here than in EL.
  • New Continent named "Alroth" with over 60 new maps have been released thanks to Zian. Alroth features "realms" for each Race!
  • Several spawns can produce 'boss mobs' if enough are killed. How many you need to kill and which spawns are secret! We are still finding out.
  • Brand new wiki about OL thanks to Waterbottle, can be found here http://other-life.wi...Other-Life_Wiki

#14510 Pending Changes Notices

Posted themuntdregger on 03 February 2016 - 07:16 PM

Wb Cali. Here is a list of new stoof in-game:
  • There's a new map 'Ravens Isle' plus some changes to Whitestone to incorporate a new port
  • On Raven's Isle, there's a a female gnome that you can hunt (and who sometimes drops trousers)
  • Sometimes there's a wooly gargoyle who's uber gnarly and persistent. Whilst you can't see the wool (he looks like any other gargoyle), most peeps tend not to care when they're running for their life.
  • Invasions are now mind boggling massive, dangerous and completely unbelievable. Even IP is invaded. Terror and carnage abounds
  • There are creatures called IM's who orchestrate invasions in new and cunningly fiendish ways. They are extremely harmful to the health of anything in an exc cape.  If you want to be invaded by something special (say rats), you need to ask an IM nicely and give a good reason, ie I need more tails and stuff for my furry boots.
  • There are some weird bosses including an imp with an entirely unpronounceable name plus all kinds of peculiar snakes, eg (slithering the terrible) etc etc etc. I'm not fond of any of them and run away screaming like a girl.
  • Sometimes there is a legion of attack-bears. I'm not keen on bears at the best of times and it really doesn't matter if they're brown, black, white or even tartan. All bears are bad and were born that way.
  • You can buy a thing called a pack, although i've never bothered. It's purpose is to let bag jumpers run off with even more of your stoof after you've been killed and left naked, dead and alone in the middle of mm
  • You can buy a titanium pickaxe. It's a pretty looking thing and good for impressing lady harvers. Otherwise it's expensive and yellow and not really of much practical use. However, rather like a Ferrari, it's something everyone should aspire to own.
  • There are all kinds of DTF, WTF, FTW WWE  and WBA events (I forget what the initials all stand for). They have something to do with combat but, beyond that, i'm not sure. Once they invent one where you attack lumps of iron ore, i'll prolly take more interest.
  • There are still no mods or dragons, or at least any that have been caught in the wild. If you find either one i'd recommend that you range from a distance until it's mortal coil has well and truly shuffled off. I will then bag, weigh and purchase the fur and tail from you for a reasonable price.
  • There is still no gypsum. Yup, it's an outrage.
  • You can get a bad day removal token even though we don't have any bad days.
  • There's still nothing you can make with dung, but that doesn't stop nublets trying. Neither is there any reason for you to enter an outhouse other than for quiet contemplation and what nature intended.
  • There are no bots. There are guild npc's but no one can remember where they are, least of all me. Instead there is Bat17 who sells pretty much everything and who has much grace
  • We recently lost our last resident bag jumper (et_alors). He was brutally efficient and good at his .job and is therefore missed even less than Nova's presence on the forums.
  • There is free mercury in Killeran Field, which is the only sane reason to go there.
I'm sure others with more tech knowledge will help fill in the gaps, but I think i've pretty much covered all the important stuff.

#14162 Good/Bad News

Posted Nightmare on 07 December 2015 - 11:00 PM

Well, I been working on proposal for my business for 3-4 months and I find out today i got it.  It like a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, so I go for it.  It mean I work like a dog now, so I got little time for other things.  I going to give my char to one of two people who I respect and like a lot, idk which  want it, and I leave it to them to say if they tell who they are.  Which it is, they got to do 2 things I promise, so they got to promise me to do it:  bj and pk etlors as much as possible and get special sword book for gizzmo.  I leave Sia guild now so that new player can choose. Not sure what time this week the exchange take place, but soon.  I keep my Nightmares alt so i can chat when i got a chance and maybe pk Warlock on his 21 a/d xD.  Thank you all for fun, I will still come on sometimes but I think it a waste just to leave NM unused.

Please pk all noobs and all pr0's, bj etlors as much as possible and I talk at you soon xD

#4545 Guild/Team battles

Posted scarr on 19 November 2012 - 04:14 PM

The idea is to have Guild/Team fights in a symmetric map the size of KF or slightly smaller.

there could be different map layouts to choose from

>2vs2, 3vs3,5vs5 maps (level based?)
>multiple layouts with different tactics (could add teleports, monsters to bait people etc)
example: Posted Image red/blue = team locations, light green = top floor, yellow = bottom floor, connected with a bridge

>Guilds or teams will be formed to enter the arena
>you can't leave the map, teleports will be disabled
>if you disconnect, you will be removed from the map
>NO drop
>Guild who is last standing will win
>Guild ranking system

>people who don't have guilds can just form teams to do this, but they have different ranking system, maybe just per player

also I could work on maps, so you don't have to worry about priority blabla

#8355 What Maps Fire did? Presentation Phase I(I did not finished works)

Posted Fire on 10 May 2013 - 11:45 AM

I decided to come back and keep making maps (even if those maps will never come to OL )
I like this ,it funny ,like Leggo Blocks

Here I present what I did,maybe someone will start creating too ,I hope.

First Map:
Map like this is such Portland i guess,but city will take much more place of all % map,than PL took.
Out of city L can put some mobs spawns etc,np? Or some caves surely
ALL walkable tiles in city area are DONE

Name ( I dont think so L or community will accept my names,thats for fun)
Foreland of Sailors City

Central City

Posted Image

Fountain Area

Posted Image

City Area

Posted Image

Port Range

Posted Image

Tree of Expectancy

Posted Image

NPC Weapon Seller Place

Posted Image

Some Boats seller Place with Cave enter at right

Posted Image

#8011 Mana Drain Change

Posted Nightmare on 17 April 2013 - 08:04 PM

I noticed a few days ago that mana drain spell were changed without me seeing anything about it, no discussion or poll. In other game, if you md'd for at least 1 mana from mob or player, u gained 1 mana and the spell cost were 0.  If you were full of mana and drain, so draining 0 mana from mob or opponent, the spell sent you -20 mana.  A change was made in OL.  Now, if u drain 1 mana from mob or player, you get -19 mana, because the spell all times cost you 20 mana whether you drain 0 or 100.  If you drain 21 mana, u get +1 net mana.

I ask Learner why this weren't announced, discussed, voted on, and he point me to this update "notification."  "Adjusted Mana Drain effect formula down" was the only reference made, and don't really describe what happened.

I think major changes like this should be discussed and voted on or at LEAST described in changes so that people understand what has happened.

I am asking how many people would support poll to return this to the way it was until we have a chance to discuss and reform magic as a whole, not piecemeal.

#7622 channel 1

Posted iowa on 03 April 2013 - 02:44 PM

Tonight, after logging in, again I fell right into people a g a i n arguing on channel 1. Of course I dont know how long that was going on or who started it, it just had to stop now.
I pmed some people, but the answers I got were : he/she started it, so now it is payback. he/she said this to me so of course I will answer.

It doesnt matter who started it, it is your choice to keep the fire going or to be silent.Grow up. Or at least have the courtesy to stop talking on channel 1 when you cannot control yourself.

Here is an example of sentences that were said by 4 different people.

When you lot act like a bunch of cunts

you dont know shit

contest:whore of year

it must be that time of the month for

Since the community cannot give those toddlers a time-out or move them to a far-away channel, I don't see how we can keep new people. I'm sure that the new people that come and enjoy this are NOT the people we need.

Evidently some people in the community  don't have the self discipline needed for channel 1 or the courtesy of going elsewhere, so I ask:

can we please think of a solution.

#5545 Assists in PK

Posted scarr on 23 January 2013 - 01:42 PM

Now only the killer gets pki and his name broad-casted in channel
but sometimes a killer gets assisted by other players to make the kill even be happening, but they are not rewarded with pki nor their name gets casted in channel...

my suggestion is to give people that supported/assisted(attacking player) within 10? seconds pki rewards based on % of amount of assisting players.

also add their names to the channel broad-cast.

e.g;   Scarr killed Sunny_Moon  Assists: villekpl, karabay, garfield_girl

#4911 MMORG Design resource

Posted themuntdregger on 10 December 2012 - 08:05 PM

http://www-cs-studen...p/gameprog.html - Amrit's Game Programming Information
http://www.gamasutra...game_design.php - Gamasutra - Behavioural Game Design
http://rpgtalk.wikia...d_GameMastering - Uncle Figgy's Guide To Good Game Mastering
http://www.raphkoste...ming/laws.shtml - The Laws Of Online World Design
http://mu.ranter.net...y/economy/taxes - Musashi - Taxation in mmorg economies
http://mu.ranter.net...rsistent-worlds - Musashi - Death Systems For Persistent Worlds
http://mu.ranter.net...-economyvendors - Musashi - Player to Player Economy/Vendors
http://www.gamestudi...302/castronova/ - Game Studies - On Virtual Economies - Castronova
http://papers.ssrn.c...tract_id=294828 - A first hand account of market and society on the cyberian frontier - Castronova
http://papers.ssrn.c...ract_id=1173642 - A Test of Law of Demand in a Virtual World - Castronova
http://habitatchroni...irtual-economy/ - Habitat Chronicles - Design For An Ebay Resistant Virtual Economy
http://www.mine-cont...con/uoecon.html - The In-Game Economics of Ultima Online
http://www.google.co...arODnn2znW_qEaQ - A model for ethical decision making in mmo's
http://my.safaribook...g/9780124977822- Artiificial intelligence For Games (Safari)
http://runescape.wik...i/Economy_guide - Runescape economy (examples of supply/demand price equilibrium)
http://eprints.nuim....DP_Cheating.pdf The economy of cheating in mmorpgs
http://www.digra.org...09287.23190.pdf The cheating assemblage in mmorpgs

#23500 our struggling in game economy

Posted skullpants on 23 April 2021 - 10:53 AM

Has anyone other than me noticed that the OL economy seems to be in a very severe recession, if not an outright depression? In order for any economy to be vibrant, real or virtual, its currency should constantly be circulating throughout the population. When the currency does not circulate properly it just sits in some player's inventory instead of being used to purchase items this player might need to enhance his character. Why does the wealthy player not spend his gold coin? As for myself, my gold accumulates faster than i can spend it mainly because of the lack of diversity of in game readily available items. There simply are very few end game items to buy so i invest in raw materials that i mix into mid level items to sell and i just gain more wealth that sits stagnant in my inventory. To further the problem there are very few players willing to sell items like serp stones and serp swords for gold because the items are somewhat rare and gold is not. If i have more gold than i can spend and I am unable to easily buy serp stones with gold, why would I be willing to sell serp swords for gold? The problem is that serps have a value and gold does not have a value because there is so little that it can be used to purchase.

The problem is that there is a severe lack of diversity in end game items. Achillies had a great idea with the concept of the Great Swords. He wanted weapons to be like golf clubs in a golf bag. Different tools for different situations was the idea. Great Swords were not meant to be the next new best weapon. They were meant to be situational choices.  Unfortunately when the great swords were implemented they were not mixable items so they did not become tools that every player could acquire. Instead the very few that have dropped in game sit stagnant in some players inventory or sit as trophies on a merchant at a price that only a few players who have no interest in them at all could even afford. Had they been implemented as a high end mixable item that required a certain amount of skills and abilities to mix, supply and demand would have given them a value that would have made them attainable by any serious fighter. Also I must mention that some of the Great Swords degrade to a used or pre owned state and there is currently no way to even attempt to repair them. Why is this? If it cannot be repaired it should not degrade, it should just break.

Where is our situational armor choices? Sure you get some magic protection from iron armors, but that is only one situation. Why not armors that give some protection from poisoning, or cooldowns, or mirror attack, or limited crit damage or anything else situational for that matter?

Well we do have the ability to mix the enchanted fire, ice, magic, and thermal swords. The problem with these is that to mix them they require multiple serp stones even though some have only slightly better stats that the serp sword that only requires one serp stone. Many on the lower end give worse stats than the mighty serp sword yet they require more than one stone to mix. Don't look for these to be available to the average player until modables and serp stones start falling out of the trees. Since that is unlikely to happen I will use my serp stones to mix serp swords so enchanted swords might as well be drop only. They also will sit stagnant, unavailable to the average player just like the Great Swords.


#17546 Perk System - Perks to choose from

Posted SimAnt on 25 February 2017 - 10:14 PM

Previous polls have had approval for a perk system to be setup, and a system to award perks based on 1 pp for every 10 oa levels. Since the OA caps out around 90 you will be able to max out 3 perks (9 pp)

If at the moment, the perk system cannot be done in levels, then the first level will be done for now and other levels can be implemented later. All Perks may not be added to the game at the same time.

Perks will be reset with a Soft Reset.

Perks will not affect XP.

Some perks will have limitations on combinations with other perks.

Forum Poll limitations may limit up to 10 perks to be voted on at a time.

Tuning will be done on the test server after initial voting. Negative perk side effects may be altered if they do not have a good balance with their positive aspects.

Some perks at max lvl will have text command to toggle them on/off.


Existing cloaks that provide a perk from EL will be kept in game. That will be a separate vote. Though there will be limitations on if you can use them with some of the new perks.

After perks are implemented certain ones will be voted to have cloaks of their own of each tier, which degrade progressively down. This will allow an additional 1-3 Perk Points to be given to your character which you can swap out. Once damaged they cannot be repaired, lower tier cloaks will drop more often than higher tier cloaks.

Pure Fighting:

Lucky hitter: (cannot combine with lucky dodge)
7% Lucky hit   - 1pp -   +7% chance to hit,   -5% chance to dodge, regardless of combat stats
14% Lucky hit - 1pp - +14% chance to hit, -10% chance to dodge, regardless of combat stats
25% Lucky hit - 1pp - +25% chance to hit, regardless of combat stats

Lucky dodge: (cannot combine with lucky hit)
7% Lucky dodge   - 1pp -   +7% chance to dodge,   -5% chance to hit, regardless of combat stats
14% Lucky dodge - 1pp - +14% chance to dodge, -10% chance to hit, regardless of combat stats
25% Lucky dodge - 1pp - +25% chance to dodge, regardless of combat stats

-3 Multi pen - 1pp - Defense penalty when fighting multiple opponents decreased to -3 (-2 accuracy for every 4 mobs)
-2 Multi pen - 1pp - Defense penalty when fighting multiple opponents decreased to -2 (-2 accuracy for every 4 mobs)
-1 Multi pen - 1pp - Defense penalty when fighting multiple opponents decreased to -1

Tank: (Only takes affect when no weapon is equipped, a shield is equiped, cannot cast offensive magic)
(Cannot combine with Two Handed Wielding)
Tank 1 - 1pp - Base Equip Armor + 10% of Base Equip Armor (+1 defense, -1 attack per every 2 mobs)
Tank 2 - 1pp - Base Equip Armor + 20% of Base Equip Armor (+2 defense, -1 attack per every 2 mobs)
Tank 3 - 1pp - Base Equip Armor + 50% of Base Equip Armor (+2 defense per every 2 mob)

Two Handed Wielding
(only takes affect when no shield is equipped, a weapon is equipped)
(Cannot combine with Tank)
Two Handed Wielding 1 - 1pp - Base - Base Gear Damage  + 10% of Base Gear Damage (+1 attack, -1 Defense per every 2 mobs)
Two Handed Wielding 2 - 1pp - Base - Base Gear Damage  + 20% of Base Gear Damage (+2 attack, -1 Defense per every 2 mobs)
Two Handed  Wielding 3 - 1pp - Base - Base Gear Damage  + 50% of Base Gear Damage (+2 attack per every 2 mobs)

(Cannot be combined with Life Steal)
(Rounding away from zero, .5 would round to 1, .4 round to 0)
(would mirror the amount the mob is about to hit, not affected by perk users stats, and hit back, eg. if mob hits you for 10 and you absorb all that damage, it will still mirror back)
3% Mirror - 1pp - +3% of all incoming damage mirrored, -1 armor every 2 mobs
6% Mirror - 1pp - +6% of all incoming damage mirrored, -1 armor every 4 mobs
12% Mirror - 1pp - +12% of all incoming damage mirrored

Life Steal:
(Cannot be combined with Mirror)
(Rounding away from zero, .5 would round to 1, .4 round to 0)
Life steal 1  - 1pp - 2% of all outgoing damage healed,  -1 damage every 2 mobs
Life steal 2  - 1pp - 4% of`all outgoing damage healed,  -1 damage every 2 mobs
Life steal 3  - 1pp - 8% of all outgoing damage healed

No More Tears
(Note: as when multiple mobs are on you, the rate of getting hit increases, that also increases break rate, so that is why number of mobs increases this perk)
No More Tears 1 - 1pp - 50%   Decrease in gear breaking in combat, multiplied every 2 mobs (gear is +0.5 times as durable per 2 mobs)
No More Tears 2 - 1pp - 100% Decrease in gear breaking in combat, multiplied every 2 mobs (gear is + 1 times as durable per 2 mobs)
No More Tears 3 - 1pp - 200% Decrease in gear breaking in combat, multiplied every 2 mobs (gear is + 2 times as durable per 2 mobs)

Offensive Mage
10% Offense Mage` - 1pp - 10% increase in offensive magic strength/duration
20% Offense Mage  - 1pp - 20% increase in offensive magic strength/duration
30% Offense Mage  - 1pp - 30% increase in offensive magic strength/duration

Efficient Mage
Efficient Mage 1 - 1pp -   +4% chance to not use resources or mana.
Efficient Mage 2 - 1pp -   +8% chance to not use resources or mana.
Efficient Mage 3 - 1pp - +12% chance to not use resources or mana.

Ranger Perks:
Eagle’s Eye (when bow equipped)
+2 Increase In accuracy
+4 Increase In accuracy
+6 Increase In accuracy

Lucky Archer (where the arrows will be, either in your inventory or target inventory or a bag will be determined)
4% Chance of not losing arrows shot.
8% Chance of not losing arrows shot.
15% Chance of not losing arrows shot.

Pure Mixing:

Batch Mixer (note: although mixed at same time, each copy has an individual chance for enrichment/fail)
(can make as many as you have food for up until the # of copies of level)
(note 2: this may be a game feature in the future instead)
Batch 1 - 1 pp - Allows mixing of 10 copies of an item simultaneously.
Batch 2 - 1 pp - Allows mixing of 20 copies of an item simultaneously.
Batch 3 - 1 pp - Allows mixing of 50 copies of an item simultaneously.


Artificer 1 - 1 pp - 10% increased rare mixes.
Artificer 2 - 1 pp - 20% increased rare mixes.
Artificer 3 - 1 pp - 40% increased rare mixes.

Effective Mixer

Recycler 1 - 1 pp - 0.5% chance to not` lose ingredients with a successful mix.
Recycler 2 - 1 pp - 1% chance to not lose ingredients with a successful mix.
Recycler 3 - 1 pp - 2% chance to not lose ingredients with a successful mix.

Careful Mixer

Careful Mixer 1 - 1 pp - 10% chance to not lose ingredients on critical failure.
Careful Mixer 2 - 1 pp - 20% chance to not lose ingredients on critical failure.
Careful Mixer 3 - 1 pp - 30% chance to not lose ingredients on critical failure.

Bone Eater: (+30 Food)
Bone Eater 1 - 1 pp - Can eat bones every (8s), 4% chance to drop food level to zero
Bone Eater 2 - 1 pp - Can eat bones every (6s), 2% chance to drop food level to zero
Bone Eater 3 - 1 pp - Can eat bones every (2s)

Pure Harvesting:

(cannot combine with excavator cloak)
(This is a reduction in MN damage and an increase in gold/XP bonus/stone finding events..number of total events does not change..just shifts the mean from good/bad 50/50 to 60/40, 70/30, 90/10).
Excavator 1 - 1 pp - Increase harvest speed by 100%,  10% shift towards good harvesting events. +10% food usage while harvesting
Excavator 2 - 1 pp - Increase harvest speed by 120%,  20% shift towards good harvesting events. +20% food usage while harvesting
Excavator 3 - 1 pp - Increase harvest speed by 130%,  30% shift towards good harvesting events. +30% food usage while harvesting

General Benefits

Cool down reduction

Cool down 1 - 1pp - 10% reduction in all cool down times
Cool down 2 - 1pp - 20% reduction in all cool down times
Cool down 3 - 1pp - 35% reduction in all cool down times

Healthy Guy

Healthy Guy 1 - 1pp - Increase base health by 10% (0.5% chance to heal 25 when hit)
Healthy Guy 2 - 1pp - Increase base health by 20% (1% chance to heal 25 when hit)
Healthy Guy 3 - 1pp - Increase base health by 50% (2% chance to heal 25 when hit)

Magic Guy

Magic Guy 1 - 1pp - Increase base mana by 10% (0.5% chance to restores 25 mana when hit)
Magic Guy 2 - 1pp - Increase base mana by 20% (1% chance to restores 25 mana when hit)
Magic Guy 3 - 1pp - Increase base mana by 50% (2% chance to restores 25 mana when hit)

Such Macho (Cannot use a pack with this perk)
100 Hoarder - 1pp - Increase emu by 100
200 Hoarder - 1pp - Increase emu by 200
500 Hoarder - 1pp - Increase emu by 500

Much Nomz wow

+20 Max Food - 1pp - Increase maximum food 20
+40 Max Food - 1pp - Increase maximum food 40
+80 Max Food - 1pp - Increase maximum food 80

Special Perks:
Gatherer Perk - 1pp - Same effect as gatherer medallion. (#text command on/off)
Zen: - 1pp -  Heals 6 Health and 8 Mana every minute.
Pharaoh - 10% chance to drop nothing when you die.

Credit to Achilles for initial suggestion

Please post your thoughts if any of these perks are unbalanced, or suggestion for additional ones.

View PostLearner, on 04 September 2016 - 12:26 PM, said:

Things to remember:

* No Negative perks
* Don't just dump in EL perks, we have always wanted ou own here.
* The Poll comes out to 10OA/PerkPoint so the cost needs to be relative to that, not OA
* There have been discussions that some Perks might have multiple levels by using more PerkPoints
* Think about balance, including Mages, Rangers, Mixers, etc Since Magic & Ranging are works in progress that makes it hard and why defining Perks has been a low priority.

#14255 New IM

Posted Rabbitman on 17 December 2015 - 06:42 AM

Based on the results of this poll I say there is enough community support for wizzy, duece, and sawolf. I move to add all 3.

Based on the results of this poll I say there is enough community support for wizzy, duece, and sawolf. I move to add all 3.

#9718 Merry and jolly!

Posted Fantastika on 24 December 2013 - 01:47 AM

Posted Image

#8571 ..

Posted samson on 03 June 2013 - 05:54 PM



#8257 about the hades poll

Posted iowa on 29 April 2013 - 02:46 PM

I feel I was tricked. The name of the poll was :

Poll: Should Hades get his Character back?  yes/no

True, Learner said in one of his post that he wanted a policy, but if that is what this poll was about, it should have been clear from the beginning.

The last post is from learner and he says:

Posted Today, 01:54 PM
A large enough majority has now voted with a significant ratio in favor of allowing deleted characters to be recovered. For now, I will limit recovery to those killed within 30 days, ....

So now it seems I voted yes to  every drama queen who has a sick canary and feels he/she therefore has the right  to vent in channel and ragequit and freely gets the character back.

#7935 bye OL

Posted Wizzy on 14 April 2013 - 10:08 AM

Hades, I can understand your frustration, I know many other people are frustrated also.

I would strongly urge learner to keep OL in a alpha test development mode until all game basics are worked out, reset the server and LAUNCH the game when ready.

I am not suggesting every little thing needs to be nailed down, but  

Weapons/armor system
MOB system
Attribute system
Magic/range/summon system

Launch it properly when all is ironed out. THEN start adding items/harvestables to game one at a time. Balancing forumales etc.

I may be sounding like a broken record here. And i am more than willing to play and help test when time allows, and will certainly accept a server restart,

So far everything I have seen created in OL is very well done. The new client features, the invasion system, even the "tag" game is all great work.

I just do not want to see this game not reach its full potential.

#6389 Opanowa's A/D Guide

Posted opanowa on 02 March 2013 - 05:36 AM

In this topic i will explain what in my opinion works best for training to become a pker and level at a fast pace.
If your a mixer there might be some added difficulty but should still work in the same concept.

First thing id like to say is this is Other-Life not Eternal-Lands so there is a big difference in how you should train.
When fighting you get bonus experience for the kill which is the biggest difference, being said your focus should be on killing as many mobs as you can as fast as you can for the exp.
You will want to train the mob that offers the best exp/min and in this guide ill explain whats mobs to train at what level.
Your two biggest focuses are going to by Coordination and Physique.

Coordination: Allows you to carry more, increases your chance to hit, allows you to do more damage, and also allows you to avoid being hit.

Physique: Allows you to carry more, do more damage, reduces the amount of damage in a fight, and increases your health.

I recommend you taking your human nexus to 4 so that you can wear all of the armour/weapons available in game.
Next i would reccomend taking physique to 16 or 20 depending on your preference.
Then for coordination i recommend maxing this after you have your desired physique level of 16  or 20.
The reason being is with coordination you hit more meaning u kill faster which in turn is more exp/min.

Level 1-48 Aug torso/pants, leather boots, iron helm, fast regen cape, sun medalions, and quarter staff.
Level 48-60 Aug torso/pants, leather boots, iron helm, steel shield, fast regen cape, sun medalions, and Titanium Long sword.
Level 60+ Aug torso/pants, iron greaves, iron helm, steel shield, fast regen cape, sun medalions, and Titanium serpant sword.

When mobs become easy to hit and dont do as much damage switch to a stars medallion for more attack damage.

What mobs to train?
Level 01-13: train on rats in ip rat cave.
Level 13-17: train on foxes/deer in the forest of dp.
Level 17-23: train on wolves/deer/foxes.
Level 23-28: train on goblins/snakes/spiders in naralik.
Level 28-38: train on gargoyles in ws coal cave or tg garg cave.
Level 38-48: train on female orcs in votd temple.
Level 48-55: train on trolls/male orcs.
Level 55-65: train on ogres/trolls both.
Level 65-70: train on armed male orcs.
Level 70-99: train on cyclopes. cycs are definatly tough and cost alot of br's/he's so if ur not willing to spend the extra money for fast lvling stay on armed males orcs till around 75ish a/d.

Also a new feature Learner added is the mob spawn times mobs spawn at 18 and 48 on the ol clock so if u kill all mobs before each 18 or 48 the mobs respawn fully which in return is more exp/min agian.

My recommendation is to read the fighting books starting with gargoyles this will not reduce the amount of exp you gain but help you with your training. Training will get boring because its a constant grind but just stick it out and you will get there.

#12469 On Item Removal and Player Death

Posted Rabbitman on 21 January 2015 - 06:09 PM

Hello all,

I would like to start a discussion on any changes we would like to see in the inter-related topics of player deaeth and item removal from the game.  Section 1 defines the difficulties Learner faces from a game design perspective through three important considerations.  In Section 2, I analyze how the current system fits within these three considerations.  In Section 3, I describe my ideas for how we can make the whole system better.

Section 1 - Important Considerations

For many modern games, item removal from the game comes primarily from players selling their old gear/items to the npc for gold/credits/etc to be used in new gear.  However, in games like this there are many more types of base items/equipment and typically have many permutations in the "quality" or "abilities" or "skills" attached with that individual item.  I.E. In the Diablo games you could find a staff which would allow you to cast a specifc spell.  The staff would have its base stats; however, it could also have bonus stats, extra elemental damage, a randomized number of extra charges etc.  So pretty much every staff you found would be slightly different.  This leads to players keeping the best of an individual type of weapon, and selling the rest to the npc for small amounts of currancy or holding onto epic gear for personal use/trade.  However, OL is not set up for this style of new and dynamic items due to server constraints/client constraints/underlying game design.  Additionally, there is no quality to an item, or tags differentiating one serpent sword or one titanium chain mail from another.  This leads to the first two considerations:

1.  Item Availability:  Items have to leave the game at approximately the same rate that they enter or else all items will be essentially worthless in time.

2.  Player Experience:  How death and item removal is handled must consider player fun.  This must include both PvE and PvP.  In every mmorpg there is some penalty for death.  In some games the penalty is lost progress in a quest/instance/raid, or it may be lost time before you can respawn (or lost time walking through the UW), or it could be lost experience (yikes!), or it could be a financial loss like EL/OL, or in intense games such as Diablo II or Path of Exile death could mean your character is permanently gone.  Thus, the third consideration is this:

3.  Death Penalty:  There needs to be some reason why it is preferable not to die.

Section 2 - Current System

1.  Item Availability:  The rate of rare ingredients/equipment entering the game seems to be lower than the rate of it leaving based on how difficult it is to find rare items on the market (even offering to overpay); however, only Learner has access to the actual numbers on this to confirm.  But overall we are not having a market swamped with capes/serpent sword/iron sets etc at this time, so rare items are still worth something in OL (which is a good thing).

In the current system, (rare) items enter the game either through the following means:

a.  Harvesting
b.  Creature drops (invasion or normal)
c.  Rare mixes (enriched essences)
d.  NPC purchases

Currently in OL rare ings are not sold by the NPC, so that leaves only Harvesting and Creature drops as means for these ingredients to enter the game.  At this time the find rate on these items seems a bit low in my personal opinion, at least on the items that have a consistent exit strategy, but we can talk about that later.

Items leave the game through these means:

d.  (Death) Bag poofing  
e.  Breakages (Tool or Equipment)
f.  Mixing critical failures
g.  Mixing in school
h.  NPC sales

From what I have seen and heard in the community, significantly more capes, serpent swords, gatherers etc are broken during combat than lost to death bags poofing.  Note this does NOT include losses to getting bag jumped, because those items were still picked up by a player and thus are still in the game.  In fact, there have been very few rare items lost to death bags poofing in recent months when compared with the number of items broken.  In addition to equipment breakage, some rare ingredients leave the game through tool breakages.  Imagine how many more efe would be on the market if vial molds did not require efe to mix, or if they simply never broke!  Mixing critical failures are another way rare ings will be removed from the game on occasion; however, this is generally less than bag poofing and breakages.

2.  Player Experience:  Removal of your nice stuff pretty much always sucks regardless of how it happens.  In my experience, how annoyed I get with each type of loss scales in this order:

(most painful way to lose items)
a.  Death bag is bag jumped (you personally lose the item, but it stays in the game so "technically" not relevant)
b.  Unrepairable item breakage (e.g. capes/vial mold)
c.  Death bag poofs
d.  Mixing critical fail
e.  Failed repair on damage item at Tankel.
(least painful way to lose items)

My rationale for this ordering is this:  For failed repair on a damaged item at Tankel, he has a fairly good rate on repairing items, so you generally get a few chances breaking something before it is completely gone.  Additionally, you have choices available to you about how to deal with damaged item.  You can continue using the item, you can sell the item to other players, or you can try and repair it with Tankel.  It still sucks when Tankel does not repair something, but it hurts the least.  Next I said mixing critical fails.  The reason I say this doesn't suck too bad is because a good mixer will build estimated fail rates into the price you sell items for, so you essentially won't "lose" anything in the long term average.  Next I said death bags poofing.  The game gives players the opportunity to try and recover the bag.  If you lose your death bag to it poofing (not to bag-jump) it is most often your fault for getting in over your head in some situation, or not remembering where you were in a map, etc.  So basically it sucks, but it does not leave you angry with the game...rather it leaves you angry with yourself for failing to recover your bag in time. Lastly, I ranked an unrepairable item breakage as being the worst way for an item to leave the game.  In my experience this leaves me the most pissed off with the game (not with myself) because it was straight bad luck in which I had no opportunity to avoid the loss.  This is an important distinction, players being upset with themselves means they can try to be better/improve skills/etc; players being upset with the game has the potential to lead to players quitting the game.

On the topic of players bagjumping other players, this feels like the worst way to lose an item.  You "beat" the system, were able to get back to your bag in time (possibly fighting many creatures to get to it), only to find that another player screwed you.  This leads to players being upset with:

1) the other player
2) the game mechanics
3) themselves

This in my personal opinion makes for a dangerous combination which can cause players to quit the game.  However, simply removing drops on death is not a viable solution without some alternative, which leads us into the how the current system deals with the penalty on death. (On a slight side note, killing another player in PvP and getting an epic drop bag is really fun for player getting the drop xD).

3.  Death Penalty:  The current system has a few different penalties that get imposed on death.  The first and most obvious one is you drop items.  This has the potential to be a huge deficit as you could conceivably lose items worth over a week worth of harvesting (e.g. mirror cape).  Additionally, you are teleported to the underworld and have to waste time walking out.  In most cases you drop all your teleport spells/rings which means you have to walk even further.  This system accomplishes the goal of a death penalty very well, players really hate dying since the penalty is so large.

Section 3 - Possible changes

The goal of this section is to propose how we can better balance player fun and item removal.  Firstly, I would like to change the drops on death in these ways:

1.  Make all equippable gear in inventory and currently equipped undropable; however, give each piece of gear a smallish chance to break on death.  (Possibly with a maximum number of 2 pieces of gear damaged per death, with currently equipped gear rolled first).

2.  Make all equippable gear that is a rare drop/requires a rare drop have a damaged version (i.e. add item "Tattered Mirror Cape" - Gives 5% chance to mirror opponents damage), and add repair option/quest for the new damaged gear  This will help with the frustration of just having your gear poof and feeling like it was just bad luck.

3.  Keep all consumable items having a chance to drop (potions/essences/rings/books/etc).  This gives some incentive to PvP as you can still get diss rings, emps, essences etc as drops from your opponent.

4.  For all stackable items, allow players to only drop a subset of the item on death (I.E. if you have 10 votd rings on you, you may drop all 10 or you may only drop 1).  This helps with the frustration of being unable to quickly return to a storage once you are out of the UW.

5.  Increase the size of the UW.  The rationale here is to transition from most of the detriment to dying being financial to being more of a time waste.  You still don't want to die because you have to waste your time to get out, but you are much less likely to lose very expensive gear.  For more information on this, see the discussion in this thread: http://www.other-lif...816-underworld/

6.  Add a spirit/ghost mode you enter directly after death similar to what was mentioned in my instance thread and here:  http://www.other-lif...-die/��This allows more team-play with resurrection spells, and allows players to check their surroundings/coordinates before letting their spirit pass on.  My recommendation in this would be you have up to 30 seconds as a spirit before you will automatically poof and spawn in the UW; however, a button will pop up that says "respawn" which will allow you to skip the rest of the waiting time if you choose.  One other aspect to consider is whether you will drop when you become a spirit or when your spirit poofs.

I honestly believe if this system were adopted more rare items would leave the game than in the current system.  It might even become necessary to increase drop/harvesting find rates to accomodate.  But, I think this system would help make the game more fun while still meeting the Item Availability, Player Experience, and Death Penalty considerations.  Post questions, comments, or additional item loss/player death suggestions below.