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On training combat in OL

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Posted 29 May 2015 - 07:08 AM

Achilles Introduction to Other Life Combat


So you just made a brand new character in Other-Life, and you are looking for some advice on how to build your character. In this guide, I'll give suggestions on what attributes to build, when to take them, and what creatures to train on. If you have played Eternal Lands (EL), you'll notice that the attribute system here is different than in Eternal Lands. At every overall level, players gain 1.8 pickpoints (rounded: 0.5+ goes up, 0.5- goes down) to spend on either attributes or nexus. A description of what each attribute is used for can be found here:


Major differences to keep in mind between OL and EL:

Training in Other-Life is vastly different than in Eternal Lands. In Eternal Lands, you often wanted to keep a creature alive as long as possible so that you could gain as much experience from the creature before it died as possible. However, there is an experience bonus on kill in Other-Life which makes it so that you want to kill creatures as FAST as possible. One really nice side effect of this change is you can make a profit training almost right from the get-go.

Another important difference is how you heal. Most players heal primarily with potions of body restoration (brs) instead of magic since magic has been nerfed really hard in OL. It is actually much cheaper to train with brs; however, there is no good way to train magic atm in OL, so I recommend buying sigils for basic heal for your initial training.

Step 1: Initial Build and Equipment

In Other-Life you start off with an overall level of 10 and 18 free pickpoints. I recommend taking Dexterity to 16 and Matter to 10 with these pickpoints. With this build you can train rats in the ip cave or start working on Novac fairly quickly to start leveling. As you level I recommend adding to reaciton until you have 16. Next, add to toughness until you have 16 as well. You will also want to take 4 human nexus (this is the maximum value you need in OL atm). You will want to start making some gold coins for your basic training gear. Buy a few augmented leather sets, quarterstaves, diss rings and brs. Once you are done with all of this, your attributes and nexus should look like this:


Cross Attributes

Dexterity    16
Matter   10
Reaction 16
Toughness    16


Human    4

Step 2: Getting to 20 a/d

Your first goal is to reach 20 a/d. Personally, I dislike the training on animals stage so I usually work on the Novac quest up to goblin or so for the initial xp. If you don't want to work on the Novac quest, train on rats until approximately 12 a/d then go to wolves in votd or nordcarn.

Your next step is to start training Male Goblins in the VOTD gold mine first level cave.

Step 3: Getting to 30 a/d

Your next goal is to reach 32/32 a/d. You could do this many ways, personally I prefer the large spider cave in the Tarsengaard Magic School. You will want to add a little bit more reaction to help with the nc pk cave next.

Cross Attributes

Dexterity    24
Matter   11
Might    12
Reaction 20
Toughness    16

Step 4: Getting to 40 a/d

After you are sick of staring at large spiders (and you have gotten a few more levels) it's time to move on to the nc pk cave. If you prefer to not train in pk, you can stay on large spiders or you can train in the gargoyle cave in southern Tarsengaard.

Cross Attributes

Dexterity    32
Ethereality   5
Matter   13
Might    16
Reaction 20
Toughness    20

Step 5: Getting to 50 a/d

After you have gotten to 40 a/d, the next step is to train on orcs. The best places for female orcs are VOTD temple and the first room of SKF manor. The best place for male orcs is the TD dragon cave (not pk but you do have to walk through pk to get there).

Cross Attributes

Dexterity      32
Ethereality   5
Matter        20
Might              20
Reaction         20
Toughness     24

Up to this has been fairly recently tested with my alt. I'll add more at some point when I am not feeling lazy :P.

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Posted 29 May 2015 - 10:38 AM

Thanks Achilles!  Good info!  Nice guidelines for fighting related attributes!

(for noobs reading this, other things are important too if you're planning to spend a good amount of time in non-fighting pursuits)

There's also this topic:


which gives a combat-line (like a timeline)

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Posted 29 May 2015 - 07:59 PM

Nice basic guide for first few combat levels Achi......thanks :wub:

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