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#item_uid trade bug

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#1 Grimm


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Posted 28 November 2015 - 12:37 PM

This bug has been around for a while,

happens when you have #item_uid 1 for your items list

what causes it is when you trade and have nothing in your inventory or equipped after the trade has completed.

Posted Image

This happens when you trade wit someone, you have nothing in your inventory, and nothing equiped
  • when someone trades you item storage to storage
  • when someone trades item from inv to your storage
  • you trade item from your inventory to someone leaving nothing left in your inventory
  • when you trade item from your storage to someone
Out of all factors tried, seems to only occur after the trade is completed and you have nothing equipped or in inventory.

simple way to fix is to disable and enable item_uid thus

#item_uid     <hit enter>
#item_uid     <hit enter>

or just restart client

#2 Annraoi



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Posted 29 November 2015 - 02:39 PM

Already fixed on github in commit 0b5fe0d722514199515dd8ab0dd05dd6d2bb3e3d. If you can compile your own client, grab master from either of the jp8900308 or pjbroad repos (but not the official gregoryfenton one) to get it and other useful fixes.

The bug was caused because when the client receives a HERE_YOUR_INVENTORY packet (when you login or after a trade), it tries to discern if item_uid is enabled by checking if the length of an item is 8 (no uid) or 10 (item uid). When there are zero items then the check screwed up because it saw 8*0=0 and figured item uids were disabled. The bug used to also happen on login. Now the server sends the magic string "Send Item UIDs 1" if you have zero items at login, but that workaround never made it to trades. See more discussion here

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