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Warning - Unofficial EL Forumz

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#1 themuntdregger


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Posted 02 December 2015 - 07:02 PM

Please note - I absolve Learner/'Other Life' and its service providers for any legal responsibility pertaining to this post. The views stated are mine and mine alone.

So anyone using Unofficial Forums to trade EL chars or gc should be aware that the former moderator, Korrode, has inexplicably handed control to a guy called Chris Collard (known in the forum as Chris) whom, having recently been the subject of a fairly high profile criminal conspiracy in the US, is probably not the kind of person you want to trust with personal information, passwords or pretty much anything else of any kind of value.

Most of us who frequent Unofficial find it pretty bizarre that any right minded person would ever put this creep in charge of anywhere where ppl trade stuff for $$$, let alone give him access to individuals forum accounts. Certainly, we've received no explanation or announcement from Korrode and were simply left to find out for ourselves

If you've got an forum account on Unofficial, it would be sensible to remove any information that may identify you personally or which could be used to scam your EL/OL or other game accounts. Not knowing whether whether moderator functions for that forum extend to accessing user passwords, it goes without saying that you'd probably want to ensure that it's not the same as your EL/OL char/forum accounts.

If you continue to use Unofficial bear in mind the need to take extra steps to validate the user with whom you are dealing, particularly if they are a known associate of Mr Collard


#2 Hades



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Posted 02 December 2015 - 11:06 PM

Man, digging up stuff and posting real life personal shit about a person isn't cool. Also, Chris is my friend, and anyone I'm friends with is cool.
On the other friend, I am also Chris' friend, so that might mean he has some serious issues. Hmm...
No but really, he's cool, leave him alone.

#3 Wizzy



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Posted 03 December 2015 - 05:10 AM

What ever your stance on drugs may be, a willing buyer and a willing seller is a voluntary transaction between two individuals. There is no victim here, other than Chris who would seem to be a victim of state prohibition.

#4 Fancy



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Posted 03 December 2015 - 02:52 PM

You are bringing up an almost four year old link/story? Everyone already knew about this, Im pretty open about it, I've never hid what I was accused of. I suppose no one has ever told you the difference between charged and convicted tho? The only thing I have been convicted of is drug possession. Also, what does that have to do with anything EL related?

Looks to me you are just butthurt that you actually broke a rule on unofficial forums and I banned you.

#5 themuntdregger


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Posted 03 December 2015 - 09:23 PM

For pity sake you complete moron. Are you really so stupid that you cannot see that the issue has nothing whatsoever to do with me suddenly discovering any kind of interest in your criminal record or pathetic drug habit. As you quite rightly point out, anyone who knows you is pretty much aware of your train wreck of a life, and most sensible people only want to stay clear of it and you.

Given the above, doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why any sensible person might get somewhat aggrieved to learn that some bright spark thought it would be a great joke to give someone like you access to forum data that could include password history, IP connection record and God knows what else.

Fact is (and I can hardly be the first person ever to have pointed this out to you) you are totally unfit to hold any kind of responsibility for anything more important than a pencil case. It therefore beggars belief that anyone could be immature and reckless enough to place you in charge of an online forum. Given that staggering achievement, maybe crow a little less about the "massive" accomplishment of banning me when my primary concern is ensuring my forum data is permanently removed from anywhere near your slimey little claws.

So be a good little chap and go ask Korrode (or whatever idiot is now in charge) to confirm privately to me that my account and all my data has been deleted and that you have not been previously been given or allowed access to any member data that may include my IP connection history, password record or pretty much anything that anyone would want to trust to someone like you. If making that happen requires you to delete posting histories or pretty much anything else (seeing as you've already been busily practising that skill) there should be no excuses for you not forgetting how or not making it snappy.

In the meantime, stop stinking up these forums and go elsewhere.

#6 Learner



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Posted 04 December 2015 - 06:55 AM

Please tone it down. You started as a warning to the community to be concerned about and are turning this into a war.

#7 Rabbitman


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Posted 04 December 2015 - 07:23 AM

You should be unbanned on the unofficial forums. You should move your discussion there.

#8 Korrode



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Posted 04 December 2015 - 09:27 PM

Just some clarifications and corrections:

1. No one was "inexplicably handed control", the only person with access to the top-level admin account on those forums is me and me alone, and that remains the case now.

2. User's passwords are not accessible to admins. No widely used forum software that i know of allows viewing of users current passwords.

3. Chris didn't do anything wrong with his moderation ability while he had it, Munt's ban was justified within the rules of that forum. The reason someone other than Chris now has some administrative ability on those forums is due only to broad support for them from the forum's users.

4. I admit i should have had some discussion with users on the forum before giving someone admin ability, but if i could go back and do it all over, i absolutely wouldn't change a thing, because then i'd have missed out on seeing Munt this butthurt.

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