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Climate of Alroth

climate weather equator

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Posted 26 May 2017 - 04:44 AM

I'd like to address concerns for climate on Alroth by explaining the map was designed with the climate defined by what would naturally happen through my own limited knowledge of geography and geology and using Makilturs much expanded and detailed knowledge. I will attempt to explain the basics I know, and I'm sure she'll call me out if I'm wrong.


(sorry it's a dropbox link but everything seems to break for embedded pictures now)

Solid lines : mountains breaking rain flow
Arrows : Wind carrying the clouds

number 1: Cold desert, see Atacama in Chile. This is caused by all the rain being used up before it reaches the area, causing it to be incredibly dry (the atacama is one of the driest places on earth, even though it's considerably cooler than the sahara, which carries quite a lot more life. The atacama cannot support a lot of microbiology, to show it's extremes.

number 2: Hot desert. More what you would consider when you think of a desert. This is because it's in the central mass of the continent, it is surrounded by mountains in all sides, and the small amount of coastline by it acts in a similar manner to how it does in countries like Morroco.

number 3: This is a delta, much in the same way as the north eastern border of India and the country of Bangladesh. It's thick, wet, and incredibly damp jungle. this takes up a lot of the north eastern rain, and stopping it reaching cold desert (1) and hot desert (2)

number 4: Meteor strike, this caused a volcanic chain. See such examples that exist in south america, in the amazon. Thick growth around it's edges, extremely tall mountains

number 5: This is directly taken from a smaller scale example in Scottish Fjords, and as such has a much more similar climate to that of Western Scotland, Norway and Iceland. There is also quite a lot of soil erosion, due to tree loss, since winds are high coming over the ocean, and nothing to stop them.

sorry, this isn't really the best explanation, but a basic outline of what we did, and why, and the fact that Alroth does have a considered climate. The map was designed with maki, who is a geologist, who helped correct errors i made in that way. This was done on purpose so we could avoid confusion over things like this. And then we forgot to tell you guys this (I'm not sure it even reached the google docs)

I apologise sincerely for no publishing some info sooner, I will try and increase the amount of information of why we designed the continent as we did slowly.

also see the coordinated continent thread, Maki published the first map we could processed out of my initial drawings which is effectively a straight version of my originally drawings, except properly scaled to our tiles and given a good legend.

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