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Guild Changes & Guild Halls

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Posted 18 December 2017 - 06:57 AM

Internal changes are being done to how Guilds are handle to support GuildMessages, GuildHalls, and other Guild specific features which require additional data be stored per guild as well as additional enhancements in the future. Most od the changes to guilds themselves won't be immediately noticeable while some will.

Changes to Guilds:
  • More data can be stored per guild separately, with memory/disk usage based on whats actually needed, not max possible.
  • Large chunks of variable sized data can be stored per guild, easily extended as needed
  • Add support for storing PremiumGuild expiration, GuildHall indentifier, GuildMessages, GuildStorage, and extended GuildMember information
  • Extended GuildMember information include their current name, internal player ID number, when last logged in, guild rank, and some space for future enhancement.
  • As each guild member logs in or status/rank in guld changes, the new information being tracked will be memorized and be available even when not logged in.
  • GuildMembers will be sorted by name most of the time. Exceptions include name changes and adding new members may not be sorted properly until the server gets around to doing it.
  • #list_guilds uses the new GuildMembers information, so reflects sorting and will show Rank to high level guild members when available and > 0
  • Automatically available to PremiumGuilds
  • When PremiumGuild expires, the messages become unavailable, but not deleted. Only deleted per message or when the guild is destroyed.
  • Only guild members can access these messages boars, currently part of #menu & #guild
  • Two 'long' lines of text possible (about 250 chars each) with date/time of posting & member name
  • The original poster and high ranking officers may remove messages
  • Messages may not be edited, only deleted and a new one posted
  • At login, a short summary of the newest message is sent to guild members
  • Limit of 100 messages
  • No gc fee to post on GuildMessages
  • No time limit on how long it can stay up there
  • Payable via #guild by any GuildMember for plats
  • 1 Plat buys 10 days from member inventory that is making the payment
  • Higher numbers of plats paid can add bonus days, for example 10 plats adds 120 days
  • An automated GuildMessage is added for payments as if the member posted it (same deletion rules apply)
  • Expiration date shown in #guild and while
  • Most PremiumGuild features are added automatically or re-enabled on payment
  • When purchased for the first time, an IM Message is left automatically to remind to create the GuildHall
GuildHalls (GH):
  • Available to PremimGuilds as part of the normal fee
  • All GuildHalls are currently identical except for their names
  • Access to the FuildHall is currently from the Guild Hall building in AD
  • Gets setup after PremiumGuild is purchased, usually included in the next server restart
  • Only accessible to current GuildMembers
  • Leaving the guild removes you from the GuildHall
  • Expiration of PremiumGuild removes all members and any access
  • Restoring PremiumGuild automatically restores access tot he GuildHall
  • Will contain a GuildStorage once that feature is added
  • Can not be invaded
  • Joker will never appear in a GuildHall
  • Possible future additional options/features may be possible
GuildStorages (GS):
  • To be added to GuildHalls in the near future as part of the normal PremiumGuild fee
  • Only GuildMembers will have access
  • Transaction logs will be available to high level officers via WebAccess
  • Minimum Rank to remove an item will be adjustable by high level officers
  • When PremiumGuild expires, GuildStorage will be unavailable but not deleted
  • Other restrictions or features are yet to be determined
Future possible enhancements:
  • Per guild settings adjustable by high level officers possibly including some basic requirements to submit join requests, rank needed for certain guild functions (such as rank needed to post GuildMessages or withdraw items from GuildStorages)
  • NPC Merchant message board players could use to leave messages for the guild or suggestions/requests for items on the Merchant?
  • Possible to purchase additional PremiumGuild features in the for for additional fees?
  • List of players who have requested to join?

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Posted 18 December 2017 - 10:26 AM

This is fantastic Learner!!!

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