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Posted 07 January 2018 - 02:28 PM

  • Added #recent for @guild channels for PremiumGuilds, same limits as other channels including wiped onserver restart (testing 12/20/2017)
  • Removing/disable support for many old EL Perks for players (testing 12/20/2017)
  • Created generic Player/Mob/NPC initialization & removal routines to handle allocating/releasing dynamic memory memory (testing 12/27/2017)
  • Added default values to initialization to Player/Mob/NPC initialization routine (testing 12/27/2017)
  • Modified old Player/Mob/NPC to use the generic initialization/removal routines and commented out the individual logic now in the generic routines (testing 12/27/2017)
  • Fix MessageBoard bug where the count could be incorrect (testing 12/28/2017)
  • Added [include] tag to map.def to allow map attribute areas to also come from a separate file, intended for NoSpawn & Avoid areas mostly (testing 12/28/2017)
  • Added ITEM_DISABLED flag to item definition to prevent the item from accidentally dropping, made, or being listed in WebAccess (testing 12/30/2017)
  • Added ITEM_IS_SHOP_ONLY to better identify shop items & prevent accidental drops or making of them (testing 12/30/2017)
  • Created extensible generic Named Variable System with access to old EL style Perks & Quest flags (testing 1/1/2018)
  • Added support to players for the new multi-level Perks (testing 1/2/2018)
  • Added support for new style Perks to Named Variable System (testing 1/3/2018)
  • Added proposed Guild Rank Variables to guilds & Name Variable System (testing 1/3/2018)
  • Added ability to load perk definitions from .def files (testing 1/6/2018)
  • Enhanced #list_perks to show perks from the new Perk System (testing 1/6/2018)
  • Fixed bag bug where you sometimes see bags you couldn't pickup and bags could drop you couldn't see (testing 1/10/2018)
  • Bug fix for bags not being usable in rare cases (Live 1/11/2018)
  • Fix for a potential bug in ShopServices if the order of services wasn't ever exactly right you might get the wrong Service (testing 1/11/2018)
  • Bug fix for an EL bug where removing all cooldowns mangled a little memory (testing 1/15/2018)
  • Bug fix for Heal Icon vanishing from QuickSpellBar (testing 1/17/2018)
  • Experimental enhancement to DropLits to allow Fake Wearable Items that affect looks without adding a droppable item (testing 1/20/2018)
  • Bug fix for invaded player races not showing up as red (testing 1/20/2018)

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