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What was your Eternal-Lands status before trying Other-Life?

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Poll: What was your Eternal-Lands status before trying Other-Life? (186 member(s) have cast votes)

What was your Eternal-Lands status before trying Other-Life?

  1. Actively playing EL (95 votes [51.08%])

    Percentage of vote: 51.08%

  2. Previously played EL (77 votes [41.40%])

    Percentage of vote: 41.40%

  3. Banned from EL (12 votes [6.45%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.45%

  4. Never played EL (2 votes [1.08%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.08%

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#81 Zian



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Posted 27 March 2016 - 07:49 AM

View Postthemuntdregger, on 20 March 2016 - 03:00 PM, said:

Wow !!!!  Had no idea you are marack. ~O~ was an amazing guild. I remember being invited to see your guild map, which was totally cool.

Thanks Munt!

I've been was playing EL for over 11 years before I immigrated to OL. I do drop into EL from time to time :)


#82 Cardome



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Posted 22 December 2017 - 05:09 PM

I dropped into EL for a visit...hadn't been there for a long while. (4 or 5 years of steady playing...other than dropping in) Was told by Ashiana (Mrs. Marack) about new game, approx July 2017, About the middle of July I joined OL. Incidentally, my EL name was the same...I didn't want to have to learn how to spell a new one. ;)

#83 BattleWizard



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Posted 22 December 2017 - 06:46 PM

Was Originally Grey_Shot back like in ...Unolas, '04/'05? My bro and I were on same IP. Radu allowed, Asslinn said no and banned. Opened new account the following month as Lord_Cain, then was Demon_Mage around 2009, and shortly after have been Battlewizard since. Actually found OL looking for an EL Private Server, lol.

#84 ZeN



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Posted 28 December 2017 - 12:35 PM

hi guys, made a vote as i was active player.Id like too add that over the years i played from 2004-2006 and most old players would have rememebered me.

I i still have a char on EL,but NOT my original.

OL is a better game imo,just needs players

#85 WaterBottle



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Posted 29 December 2017 - 01:11 PM

Since we're on this topic again, I voted as previously played, not with the same name of WaterBottle. I last played EL over 8 years ago and I logged on to an IP ban when the last thing I personally did was harvesting in NK cata, so someone might've guessed my PW and did something. Wasn't the strongest PW since I would've been like 13ish when I first made my character (am 26 now as reference). During my EL life, I kept to myself and didn't choose to join any guilds. I mainly lurked channel 6 and helped out on 1 when I could.

I found OL through searching for EL private servers as I liked the chill gameplay pace that you can't find in other games that was needed back then and continues even now in my current career as a developer.

I have no interest in EL due to the pay structure and I don't have the time or attention span to grind endlessly to get to where I was before.

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