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Changes Started 2019

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Posted 05 January 2019 - 08:23 AM

  • Added proposed GIWS Level 4 that makes God be more verbose about Invasion Hints (Live 1/11/2019)
  • Fixed Turquoise not being harvestable (Live 1/11/2019)
  • Changed file saving from server to save the previous version of the file in most cases before overwriting it. Fail-safe feature to make recovery a little easier during some failures. (Live 1/11/2019)
  • Added clean-up of player backup files over 1 week old that will now be created under the new file creation procedure (Live 1/11/2019)
  • Added clean-up of very old delayed messages (older then 1 year will be removed) (testing 1/5/2019)
  • Fix for MoL activating too often (Live 2/28/2019)
  • Fix for Magic Guy Perk bonus mana not being handled properly (testing 1/6/2019)
  • Adjusted Two Handed Perk to recommended value from forums (testing 1/6/2019)
  • Bug fix for knowledge not admitting what you are reading (Live 1/11/2019)
  • Bug fix for @#roll not sending the results to channel (Live 1/11/2019)
  • Adjusted Trigger processing so that NPC's have fewer restrictions then IM's of the same level (Live 2/28/2019)
  • Enhanced Def menus to allow more Menus being open at one time (Live 2/28/2019)
  • Enhanced Def menus to support Radio Buttons for future enhancements (Live 2/28/2019)
  • Enhanced variable storage to remove unused variables from players when they login, since players auto-saves so often can't do it on save (Live 2/28/2019)
  • Bug fix on Magic Guy giving too much Mana back (testing 2/8/2019)
  • Enhanced permanent variable storage into common code based on previous code used for Player & Guilds, added to Server (Live 2/28/2019)
  • Minor bug fix when looking at a bag was saying too far away instead of nothing (Live 2/28/2019)
  • Enhanced new Kill Bonus logging with additional information along with possible Exp bonuses that could have been awarded (Live 2/28/2019)
  • Added the No Attack Spells restriction to Tank Perk (testing 2/26/2019)
  • Improved internal memory handling of strings that change values with smart reuse of existing memory (Live 3/20/2019)
  • Added tracking of what map you were last on and what map you last died on using NamedVariables (Live 3/20/2019)
  • Improved storage handling of DamageTracker information used by EventTracker & Kill Bonus (Live 3/20/2019)
  • Improved tracking in DamageTracker o the amounts of damage dealt via Attack, Ranging, & Magic (Live 3/20/2019)
  • Adjusted formula for Kill Bonus to better handle Ranging & Magic exp (Live 3/20/2019)
  • New Kill Bonus processing to distribute Exp based on how you played (Live 3/20/2019)
  • Allow a Trigger to be upgraded to a #command when it's defined so that .def's can now create new #commands (testing 3/23/2019)
  • Changed default bag poof time from 12 min to 15 min ... number of bags on the map not changed and can still cause bags to poof early (Live 3/25/2019)
  • Adjusted ContinentMaker to be controlled by the maps.ini definition file instead of files it finds (testing 3/28/2019)
  • Identified Dark Layer as slowing down map layer processing, flagged as to be avoided curing normal map making, and should be used only when needed (Live 3/28/2019)
  • Fixed MapAudit oddities when no walk-able tiles a on map (testing 3/29/2019)
  • Made MapAudit run-able directly from the website. (testing 4/6/2019)
  • Added status & preventing running more then one MapAudit at a time by accident (testing 4/9/2019)

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Posted 11 March 2019 - 01:37 PM

Good Job I'll say Posted Image

2019 has been off to a great start, makes me wonder what 2020 would be like Posted Image

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Posted 17 October 2019 - 06:25 AM

Quick Note: there have been MANY changes that never got added to this!

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