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Late night fun!

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Posted 06 June 2019 - 05:57 AM

Warlock’s strong, muscular body flexed as he lifted the vulnerable and naked Learner. “Bed time little one” said Warlock, half grunting. Warlock lacked any formal education and struggled to piece together the words. What he lacked in knowledge he more then made up for with stamina and enthusiasm.

Unbeknown to Learner, Warlock had been taking secret literacy lessons with none other than the man himself, BigDaddy. It had started out with basic phrases such as "Touch here" and "Hold this", but Warlock had adapted quickly with surprising gusto onto more, complex theory work. He was due to the practical side next week but couldn't help himself, as he thought he could get ahead and do some pre-practical work with Learner in order to impress BigD.

Just as Warlock was pulling the curtains shut, the door smashed open and the sound of a cracking whip was heard overhead.
"Don't think that you can have all the fun" purred Alddra, whip in hand wearing nothing but tight-strapped black pleather and red stilettos.
"I-Sorry-Mistress" Warlock stammered. He was not expecting The Mistress to be home so soon.
Learner squealed with delight, breath fasting and heart racing at all the possibilities. All of his dreams had come true!

Across the road, Zian was doing his weekly map making when he heard noises and squeals. Somewhat curious, he finished the map he was working on as he rolled his wheelchair to the window to see if he could determine what all the commotion was. What he saw he could not believe his eyes..his childhood friend Learner was receiving only what he could dream would happen to him!
"I must let the world witness these secretive delights" Zian murmured to himself. He fumbled for his recording camera and in his excitement, it it fell to the ground.
"Blast it" Zian cursed. He did not want to miss anything, as he threw himself out of his wheelchair and commando crawled to the window with camera in hand. Zooming in on the household of the Warlock gang, he could not help but start feeling aroused and finding himself wanting to join them.
To have a whip at his back and laying next to Learner feeling both pleasure and pain..oh how he lusted for that to happen! If only we had been born with legs, he could run right over. He wanted to join his long-time childhood friend, as they always had shared everything together. This can't be the only exception, he had to think and act fast before all the fun was over.

It had be a long day.
Warlock grunted with relief as he dropped his large wooden club. The satisfying feeling of strained muscles being relieved of the heavy weight, almost overwhelming.
"Duece...Hungry?" His bear like voice filled them cave.
His question was answered by a softer but still firm grunt.
Warlock walked back out of the cave, preparing his already fatigued muscles for the task ahead. Dragging a mammoth corpse into the cave was no easy feat, even with a well rested body. He began by getting into an almost squat like position, reaching forward he grasped the mammoths head, one tusk in each hand. With a loud bellow he heaved and began the arduous task of dragging the Mammoth to the cave. He had moved the mammoth 700 foot lengths already, what was another 20! His large arms teemed with sweat, giving him a glossy, oil like sheen. It was no wonder that Duece had chosen him as his breeding mate. He was by far the largest and most capable Caveman, capable in more ways then one....
Coming to the cave entrance was Duece, he was wearing the mammoth-hide garments he liked. They left little to the imagination and despite his concentration on dragging the mammoth he found his loin covering begin to stretch.
"Warlock Flesh club, ready for me?"
Duece knew just what to say to get him going. It was the reason he had chosen to knock him over the head with his club and take him to his cave so many moon cycles ago. Not only did he have a tight hole, the calling card of a true taker, but he had a way with words second to none in their tribe.
Once the mammoth carcass was safe within the cave, Warlock went to the task of securing the cave mouth for the night. Taking off his Loin cloth, he began the usual evening ritual of shitting in his hand, and smearing said faeces on the ground in a line. The scent would form a barrier of smell alerting potential predators that this cave was inhabited. It had taken months, but by now most of the local wildlife had come to associate the smell of Warlock faeces with violence and death.
"Flesh club ..now"
Warlock wiped the excess poo on the cave wall and turned, he was greeted with the sight of Duece bent over their stone slaughter table. The sight of Duece laying across the blood smeared table was too much for Warlock to resist. It was time for him to claim what was his once again and expand his tribe.....

Chapter Two coming soon...

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Posted 06 June 2019 - 09:15 AM

ROFLMAO!! Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

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Posted 07 June 2019 - 12:30 PM

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLPosted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

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Posted 14 June 2019 - 03:27 PM

Too Funny!!

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