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Development Tasks relating to spawns, events and IMs

spawns bosses ims

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#1 SAWolf



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Posted 13 August 2019 - 08:36 AM

Thought I better put my list of things to do out there to give everyone a heads up with all the things I have in line to get done at some point.
  • Updates to IM Manual. (Add new commands, split Triggers and menus into own documents, as some of their detail will now also apply to quests and maps)

    • RTG
      • Lower the “per island” amounts and move the value in to final rewards to make completion more meaningful.

      • Add alternative waves for some of the Islands in the Hard RTG level.

      • Add in an Insane Version (NOTE: that this one should not affect cooldown of the other RTG types. To encourage larger teams but should have its own cooldown, this will require an extra variable and also some tweaking to the permissions of players entering the room so this event will have to be triggered with a longer waiting time to unlock the room for all players but also prevent other RTG events being triggered.)

      • Invisible mobs (See if an alternative like Invisible Rat could be used as having to kill one visible minion and one invisible boss seems 'buggy')
    • MBC
      • Split into Easy, Medium (see WL’s version) Hard and maybe Mixed Team.

      • Perhaps will need to renumber the spawns to be from (1 – 20) so that Easy can be 1-8, Medium 7-14 and Hard from 13-20. Or find something that would work better for everyone…maybe Mixed can be the current one or run a random pick of 8 spawns from Easy to Hard.

      • IMPORTANT NOTE! The Time Limit will STAND per wave. Not more than 7 mins between each spawning…this is the key element to this event, so bosses must be chosen carefully. Perhaps the ending of the event can be delayed until the map is empty. (will check triggers)

      • Check on the cooldown variables and lockout.
    • DTF
      • Needs to be made into levels Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane…Or 1 – 5 as it is…

      • All spawns will need to be sorted through and renumbered. Some spawns can fall away. Example: wave 3 level 2 is very, very similar to wave 2 level 5.

      • I also think the spawns should be split into horde (300 mobs) and boss versions (boss with 100 minions) and the boss sent in on a later trigger to prevent them walking in first but be also set to spawn closer to the fort to prevent the lag of time for it to get there.

      • IMO, all the spawns should be remade to spawn in the fields and not all in the staging as players get curious about the 300 mobs on route but none in sight and start wondering around. I think the initial distance was to give the players chance to set up after initial spawning but with timed triggers this should no longer be an issue.

      • Triggers need to be set up to run each individual spawn…I also question the option on having the mobs respawn if not cleared in the specified time allowed this makes the event double or triple in length especially with a weak team…alternatively rather spawn an extra spawn if last killed is in a certain time range (maybe?)

      • If the Helpless Gnome is killed? Will the event be over or will we allow the team to proceed. Generally we proceed but once the fort is overrun it is almost impossible for team to beat back the hordes and regroup...maybe put in a five minute window to send the mobs out the the field and then attack again?

      • If the Helpless Gnome survives triggers need to be set up to reward the participants… (Problems could occur with players not in the map at the time? Will require timed warning messages?)
  • New Maps – List Locations need to be set up and checked on all new maps and many of the DL maps need adjustments as they are too small. (See AE)

  • Monsters
    • Frost Trolls – Need to adjust initial file (Made my own guestimate will adjust with info from EL and use Achilles input) and test.

    • Pirates – Need to be adjusted slightly - drops.

    • Direwolves – Design and Balancing and replace penguins on TML4. (penguins on a mountain what was I thinking?)

    • City Guards, Royal Guards and Assassins for Race Towns. – Needs to be balanced, finalized and clothing sets created for each group.
  • Spawns
    • Native Filler Spawns (These are spawns the provide a feel to a map, most are animals and monsters spread over the map, generally not designed for training on (but could be) mainly for ambiance)
      • Mostly done just VF and most internals (the odd rat or spider)
    • Native Training Spawns (specific player level designed to balance player training requirements with maybe a boss to sweeten the deal and the odd nuisance mob, these need to be generated with solo and team training options in mind but also keeping in mind that many players train on invasions NB! Map difficulty)
      • Wolves & Imps (LD)

      • Goblins (Possibly AE - Gara?)

      • Orcs & Trolls (DB)

      • Ogres (TBD)

      • Cyclops (TBD)

      • Feros (Temporarily placed in VL)

      • DCW (TBD)

      • FCW (VF)

      • Other?
    • Invasion Spawns
      • All new maps need some invasion defs made. (Currently only DL random autos and VL are done.)
  • GIWS spawns for some new maps?

  • World Boss Spawns
    • Guardians vs Single random spawn (feedback seems to be for second horde and first boss. Must adjust and retest)

    • Red Dragon spawn tweaked. (Remove DCWs as all they did was confuse the issue)

    • World Bosses need to be better balanced and Finalized. (I liked the idea of the Hexenwulf)
  • Bosses
    • All un-named bosses need to be moved out of the invasion def files and changed to named bosses from the main Bosses.def. (Created a list need to check and adjust)

    • New Bosses created if none match the requirements. (many are similar to existing...see list)

    • Decide what to do with DTF Possessed Bosses?

    • Missing bosses for Brown Rabbit (Bunnicula?), Beaver (Justin?), skeleton (Gashadokuro?) and ACWs (maybe Hexenwulf here?).

    • Generate a Pirate Captain Boss. (maybe one per Race group - 6 total).

    • Make Guardians into named bosses - clothing?

    • Also the City Guards, Royal Guards and Assassins will need bosses made.

    • New mobs will need new bosses. There is a ‘Dire Wolf’ Boss. Might also add Ghost as a version of Direwolf mob type boss. And a Frost Troll boss?
This is all I can think of at this time. Some stuff will not yet be possible as other things need to be done first.
But everyone can see what I am supposed to be working on Posted Image and where things are at and any IM or Dev who wants to take something over and run with it, give me a yell.

Also if I die or disappear then this is what someone else will have to take on. Posted Image

#2 AlddrA


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Posted 13 August 2019 - 09:39 AM

Nice post.....need to think on your many points and give an intelligent response. Thank you SAW:)

#3 Zian



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Posted 13 August 2019 - 10:59 AM

Thanks SAW! Your post, and future status/updates will keep community aware of the current/future plans for Alroth animal/mob spawn development.

Dwarven Realm spawns are becoming more mature; we need to start thinking about Orchan, Human, Draegoni, Gnome and Elven realms too!! No need to cram everything into one realm, this will require players to travel Alroth searching for training spawns suited to their specific build/levels.


#4 CoduX


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Posted 18 August 2019 - 02:17 AM

love it

#5 ohmygod


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Posted 23 August 2019 - 01:46 AM


Native Training Spawns (specific player level designed to balance player training requirements with maybe a boss to sweeten the deal and the odd nuisance mob, these need to be generated with solo and team training options in mind but also keeping in mind that many players train on invasions NB! Map difficulty)

More mini spawn bosses for sure, but what is the reasoning behind the nuisance mobs and mixed spawns?

Also, do new players actually "train" during invasions or do they walk back from UW a lot? I personally get less exp from invasions than i do from training cycs, for a number of reasons, a/d exp stops when being multied and kill bonus is halved per kill if being multied, searching for invaded maps take time and a few other reasons. Mind you I dont train in invasions on my main these days i harvest drops.....

I think we need to have decent 1 mob type specific native spawns with the AWESOME respawn timers for low to mid range trainers to grind a/d on to get them ready for invasions as quick as possible.

PS @SAWolf, you are not going to die you will just get more awesome....


#6 Warlock


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Posted 10 September 2019 - 11:08 AM

View PostSAWolf, on 13 August 2019 - 08:36 AM, said:

    • Invasion Spawns
      • All new maps need some invasion defs made. (Currently only DL random autos and VL are done.)
  • GIWS spawns for some new maps?

Working on this currently. Have added Invasion spawns to GL & VF. Also added some Pirate extras to a few maps with Shipwrecks/Ships close to shore.
Will post here when more progress has been made

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