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The Newbies Guide to key.ini

hotkey key.ini key tutorial

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#1 EatsAllLife



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Posted 04 January 2020 - 05:14 PM

Hello new and possibly older player(s)! More times than not, people do not realize what the key.ini is.

To start, the key.ini is the file that allows for all the hotkeys within the game (ctrl+1 for item 1). (alt+1 for spell 1), well these wonderful shortcuts can be made even better and that is what I am here to tell you how to do today.
If you prefer to watch and do rather than read and do, there is a video as well created for this(Just using the EL once, since my OL was already edited!)

I will do this step by step and this is for WINDOWS (I'm sure other users can follow the general outline and figure it out all the same)

1. Open your file explorer
2. Locate Program Files (Or program files x86)
3. Locate your Other-Life folder
4. Within the Other-Life folder, there will be a file named "key" (it may, or may not display .ini with it, but either way this is the file you need!) open this with WORD PAD! (otherwise all the info in there will be displayed horizontally rather than vertically and it is super messy, do this way or even a code app and you will love yourself later!)
5. Within the file you will see that you're able to see all the uses for keys and what they are supposed to do.
6. For the key you wish to change, ensure there are not 2 shortcuts for the same key, and be sure to have everything capitalized. Then simply type in the keyname for the function you wish after the = sign.
For instance if you wanted to change how you used item 1.

#K_ITEM1 = LCTRL 1            This is the original line, I personally have this set for F12, so it should look like this after: #K_ITEM1 = F12

7. When you are ready to use this in game after configuring- you will then hit File > Save As > click desktop > make sure it is key.ini, then save to your desktop (It will not allow you to save directly to the OL folder right away!)
8. Either MOVE, or COPY the file from your desktop into your OL folder and you will be good to go!

#2 Zian



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Posted 04 January 2020 - 05:43 PM

I'm old and not a newbie :P

Excellent instructions+tutorial...thanks for putting it together for us!


#3 shadowgate



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Posted 04 January 2020 - 11:14 PM

If you are playing on a Linux system the key.ini file will be located in your /usr/share/games/OtherLife directory.  To edit this file you will need to open the file with root privileges (unless you have changed the ownership of the folder to yourself).

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