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Global Quest

something to do quests glboal quest

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Posted 28 January 2020 - 06:06 PM

A few weeks ago there was a discussion based around adding a global quest- based off the idea of EL's current daily quests which grant specific bonuses such as: "For the next xxx hours mixing will require less food!".
But EL's quest is a bit corny, dumb, and easy to do for something so rewarding in my opinion.

The current requirements for EL's quests are outlined here:

he Quest Part 1

Similar to other quests a list of items must be donated to a NPC; the NPC for this quest is Hyutan in Tarsengaard Magic School Kitchen and he is creating a special potion. What is different with this quest is the items vary each time and they must be transported to the NPC. Unlike other NPC quests the NPC keeps track of what has been donated so far so they can be transported in parts to the NPC. To start a new quest, talk to Jerun first and ask what kind of help they need, then go to Hyutan to check what exactly is needed.

The Quest Part 2

There are 3 trees throughout EL (either continent) that have these special worms Hyutan needs. You need to use the LOOK icon on the trees while wearing Night Visor to find them.

Items collected by NPC in previous quests
The combination of items
Global Advantages so far
  • Wait less to do daily quests. Daily Quests reduced from 4 in-game days (24 hours) to 3 in-game days (18 hours).
  • Fewer harvesting mini events.
  • Consume less food when we make items
  • More special days, and less bad days

With this, we can see these advantages wouldn't really benefit us...

I propose global quests of different varieties.
  • First of all, we'd have to determine a place for this NPC to collect our precious items, and I'd dub either RH or LD currently as a suitable place.
  • Second, we need to discuss what is going to be a part of the quest, the rewards, complications, etc.
  • I think each quest should require at least one part from every skill, whether that be from kills, harvesting, potions, mixing, ranging, whatever.

For an inclusion of every skill there have been some propositions.

Fighting: AlddrA mentioned SAW's old Global boss, and there was also mention of the possibility of requiring levels of RTG to be completed for quest progress (Easy. med, hard, each level) I don't think it should require each level as much as a completion of at least x amount of ran total.

Alchemy: Essence/bars of course

Harvesting: Verious resources; perhaps some resources could be made useful with this (Tree shrooms for instance)

Potions: Feating pots, BR's,  and SR's, what else would make sense for a boost than the base effects coming from these? I mean these global quests (If we follow EL's story for them) is making a potion! Why not a super concoction from this NPC I feel should be called medicine man at this point.

Summoning: Summon X total monsters

Manu/Crafting: Sacrifices of certain gear/creations similar to the gods

Ranging: Land x critical hits with a bow or shoot x arrows/bolts.

As for the bonuses brought by these:
  • Less food required to mix
  • More Mana from potions
  • More HP from potions
  • More EXP in each skill (RNG % increase)
  • Lesser breakrates
  • Less drops on death (If possible???)

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Posted 29 January 2020 - 12:23 PM

ELs global quest isn't easy... the ings are very costly and time consuming to gather. The 10k gypsum has to be hauled to a NPC in the magic school someplace...Amber requires action points that you can regenerate with potions that are around 5000gc each or wait for the points to generate randomly. mixtures of powers and refined vegetal pots are super time extensive to make. I personally always thought the rewards we'rent enough given the extremely hard amount of ings required to complete it..and it lasts like 120 in-game days.

That being said I like your idea. Quite frankly, the game is getting drool and boring, due to lack of prompt development and nice things like perks/weps being held out to us like carrots for countless years. So having something like this might give us something to do.

Wish things could move along in some timely manner though.....I'd like to see perks and weps before my first kid graduates high school (and I currently have no kids)

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