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Pending Client Update


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Posted 11 November 2021 - 09:00 PM

As I've mentioned in game chat & green spam, OL is preparing for a new Client & SSL/encryption support. The official update release will be after the New Year, and Z finishing all his UG updates.

  • Uses the newest SDL2 code that allows many more features without slowing the Client
  • Bluap merged & improved TTF Font support that was submitted to him
  • PC/Mac/Linux code and Android are the 'same' so updates wont mess things up (anyone still using the old hacked Android version from EL should upgrade now!)
  • Many more things are customizable or resizable
  • Bluap has integrated many feature requests from EL players into improving the UI on all platforms
  • Bluap & Grum have both requested & gotten a lot of feedback from me. Any feedback from OL players were sent to them or I have forwarded to the proper person.
  • The SSL Encryption will be enabled by default, but may be disabled by editing servers.lst. There have been no reports or measurable differences in #ping times. Only really slow systems or people having issues should even think of disabling SSL/Encryption
  • The new Client is already being tested on Windows, Linux, Arm, & Android
  • You can find experimental builds at https://twinmoons.org.uk/ol/git/
  • The newer versions of the Android .apk support auto-update thanks to Bluap! If you are using an old or hacked Android, you should upgrade now!
  • The work was done by Bluap & Grum, with me coordinating for SSL & OL features.
  • Changes to the servers.lst & the new certificates/ directory are now in the current auto-updates. Manual copying is still needed until the newest changes get incorporated into the next build.
  • Main, EU, AU, Test, others, have been updated to support SSL. the servers.lst knows about those changes.
  • Mac Client may be delayed, which is normal
  • After the official release of 1.9.6 with SSL support, the server will be shutting down for the 1.9.3 and earlier Clients (which includes all hacked Android versions). If you are running and older version, you should upgrade before the change over to reduce the risk of getting blocked!
  • People building their own Client for OL from GIT, the current 1.9.6 SSL update should already be the Main branch, but you'll also want the servers.lst & certificates/ from auto update. A new change will be following soon so you don't have to manually copy certificates/ (servers.lst updates never override what you have).
More info will follow as we get closer. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

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