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Quality Rolls

quality rolls fundamental game change mixing harvesting

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Posted 21 November 2013 - 12:34 PM

Posted ImageNova, on 11 November 2013 - 02:08 PM, said:

Now think of the arcade game, in how many of them do you spend 80% of your time sitting doing 'nothing'?  Of course the amusement is in the challenge, but as it is, harving/mixing holds no challenge and is the same thing over and over and over.  Right now the only fun part of harving/mixing is finding/making rares.  Why not consider something that livens things up?  Some mini games to play while harving to determine how many ores you walk away with or something along those lines.  Something to make the game more interactive for the 'sitting' skills.
Posted ImageLearner, on 11 November 2013 - 03:16 PM, said:

Adding things to make it more challenging to make harvest/mixing more fun can also drive away more players. Very careful consideration needs to be done about pro's & con's on anything proposed. Maybe if item Quality is added you could opt-in to the additional 'fun' things for a chance to increase the quality of what you produce?
Posted ImageBat17, on 11 November 2013 - 06:15 PM, said:

Make me more interactive and I will not have time to read the forums!
Just to show things posted in my Ban Characters thread here, and to give my opinion in the relevant thread.
Minigames... ugh.
But tbh rolls on items to show quality would be cool, make extra durable armours/items. But then items manued should have roles for maybe a +1 def/mana burn with small chance of activation. But that would be a slightly different vein of running the game (like JRPGs, which i'd be fine with, and i suspect a few friends would as well). Maybe a repositioning/level distribution of resources?
I support this idea, but change the conditions on how to harvest it.
What worries me about quality rolls, is if it means more storage slots used, whether its visible in trades and the sheer work of implementing it and all that it entails.
The storage slots is easy. Whats hard is being able to see what quality you're working with. That'll probably mean client changes to avoid tons of artwork,

Posted ImageNova, on 12 November 2013 - 01:23 PM, said:

Can different quality things just be turned different colors in the tiny icon?
Not currently, which is why a client change would be needed.
I would say not to change colours if done so, but pixel text/two tone symbols to show % qualities or special features. If a client change is required, it would be nice to get some new textures/models/features to go with it, to make it a bit more substantial.
i was just looking for something easy and hacky for the meantime

-----sorry about this slightly ugly reposts, but we have Quote Quotas :P---

To summarise, would it be good to have rolls on items similiar to boss monsters attributes and drop rolls, deciding the aulity, durability, malability, effectiveness and abilities of materials from snapdragons, and iron to iron plate and serps, and how would we know which materials are of the higher quality, how to seperate them without being annoying, how much this should effect them, and how large an impact it should do upon the game if it is implemented.

Personally, i would add small percentage or -/+1, 2, 3 max stats onto items, with a gradient system that makes the outer limits, whether positive or negative, rarer, while favouring positive over negative. I would also say that the items should all stack over each other in inv, but be seperated in storage, meaning you can sell off the higher quality ings, or use them, without too much trouble. I would also say the names should  have as small pixel text in corner, with "20%" or "+1", with other effects, such as defence being shown in the texts colour, with light green text for defense. Multiple stat items would need multiple text shown. full item colour filter should denote a special ability such as an extremely low chance to mana drain, like 0.05%.

Issues i see, but obviously programmers would know best are:
  • How much info would this take on server?
  • If chance to get better rolls relied on levels, how hard would this be to work on?
  • The number of pictures that would be required would be a pain in the ass (though i'd be happy to do it if i could find the goddam files)
Player side of view, issues could be:
  • The effects on newbie trades if higher levels version of items are of a better quality
  • Pricing ranges would have to be tightly worked on to ensure higher quality version don't make lower quality versions obselete.
  • The complexity would need to be easily explained in a NEW tutorial, along with other major changes (Just as a little side note, i strongly believe we need a more engaging, dynamic tutorial to make people want to stay on)

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